Hello every body today  is a special day for me and my blog we have completed our one year no doubt with excellence and building our reputation and thus we can call this blog a successful blog.Today is 12,June,2013 that is the date when i purchased this domain name.I almost knew nothing about blogging but with time and effort it all goes better and better.In this whole year all I have learned many things and made many dangerous mistakes which totally destroyed my blog at some stages.People love my work my way of describing any technical issue and I hope they will also support me in future.My all credit of this blog my success my name in the blogging industry I am proud of it all the credit goes to the one and only +Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai. This is the guy whose articles helped me a lot in many ways and this is my inspiration in blogging.May God help him in every hard time of life and may he deliver his efforts to bloggers like us.

What We Have Achieved ?  

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1: There was a time when I was thinking to shutdown this site but your support make this not happen.We got pr 1 just after 2 months when I started this blog and I knew nothing about the seo and pr on that time.So in my way this was a big success for me. 

2: We have announced chat software partnership with ChatWing which helps us a lot in building our reputation in the community. 

3: We started receiving paid posts and paid reviews requests we do not fall in greed and publish the articles with a pace and come up with flying colors.

 What We Have Special For Our Readers ?

Our readers have helped us a lot while supporting this blog.So it is our duty to make them happy so we have arrange an awesome give-away which includes 10$ cash prize & 1 Domain name of your choice from your desired company.Make sure you keep promoting and support this blog.

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Once again, I would like to Thanks every single reader who spends quality time on Blogging-Heaven the way through the past one year. In the coming year ahead, I would try to provide more useful, quality tips and tutorials. Stay blessed and Peace & Keep visiting.

Your Truly,
Tayyab nasir
Founder Of Blogging-Heaven 


  1. Happy birthday, and congrats on the year of blogging and the successes. What a great idea to run a competition. I have entered!

  2. happy birthday and I have entered the contest :)! I got a blog aswell now adays its dead :)

  3. happy birthday and congrats to you on your blogging sucsess.I have entered the giveaway.Hoping to Win

  4. heartily congratulation! And thank You For The Awesome Giveaway.................................
    Once Again Congratulation And Thank YOU!!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday to Blogging-Heaven i have enter the giveaway and i hope to win

  6. Blogging Heaven has always been the best source for bloggers like me,i really thank all the suthors and members of this blog

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