Before you make use of any online promotional strategies, you should first know the benefits that you really get from using those strategies. The same applies to directory submissions. Before you submit your website to directories, you should first know the actual benefits of directory submission.
There are number of benefits of directory submission. One of the main benefits of directory submission is highly quality back links. All the search engines consider the number of back links you have. Directory submission will give your website the required back links. You cannot find any other easier method to build links for your website. This is not the only benefit of directory submission, there are many other benefits.

Online web directories attract a lot of visitors each day. By listing your website in the top directories, your website will get the required exposure online and visibility online. This is another important benefit of directory submission. Familiarity is very important in influencing your target customers in making favorable buying decision. So online visibility is one of the important benefits of directory submission.

There is yet another benefit in directory submission. When you submit your website to directories, they will get indexed in the search engines. If you have used the right keywords for your submissions, your directory listings will get listed in the search engine listings. This will send you highly targeted traffic to your website even if your website does not have top rankings in the search engines. These are just some of the top benefits of directory submission. But not everyone is aware of all the benefits of directory submission.

Some of the links that i have found and i myself used them and they are usefull also are as follows.


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