In these days every body who  owns a website or a good webmaster want to know that how other people think about him or when any new visitor visits there site what they feel about that site if they face any kind of problem.  If any Visitor visits your site if he clicks on a link but the link is not working  then according to a survey mostly people will not contact the site owner or not report a bug but leave the site because of wide range of competition .There are millions of blogs and websites around the world and because of this he thoughts to serach any other site for his problem.And he will never visit your site again and you lose your reputation in the Web
Industry.There will be lot more visitors like him . Is there anyway we can find that is there any problem on our site and we didn`t know about that because we are not contacted or reported there are such softwares and best analytics in the market  that track your website visitors and there  physical location also but  not such a plugin or software in the past that shows you a full hd video of your visitor that what the visitor is doing on your website/blog.And  it also contains a live chat software to immediately  respond to the visitor and do not lose your traffic or reputation.

Lucky Orange Just one snippet of javascript code enables all this functionality.

Here is the Screen shot of the Control panel

Here are some of the best features it have

live visitor dashboard Real Time Analytics

  • Accurate counts of what's happening right now on your site
  • Unique visitor count vs number of browser tabs opened
  • Top Keywords
  • Top Countries & Cities
  • Top Referrers
  • Top Pages
  • Realtime Related Tweets
  • Uses various available transports to create a cross browser/platform real time experience

chat software Live Chat Software

  • Chat box stays on the page and follows visitor as they browse your site for a seamless experience.
  • Can watch visitors screen while chatting with them
  • Add Customized Pre Chat Questions
  • Customizable colors, text, positioning
  • Multiple Chat Operators and Operator chat room
  • Operators can have profile pictures and sub titles
  • Ability to transfer chat to another operator
  • See when a visitor is typing, typed, stopped typing
  • Simple dashboard lets you chat with many people at the same time
  • Ask a user to chat
  • Searchable Chat Logs
  • Visitor can Initiate Live Chat
  • Toggle chat on/off with one click

visitor polls Visitor Polls

  • Ask simple questions with up to 4 responses and comments
  • Quickly gain valuable customer insight
  • Watch results in real time
  • Create country specific polls
  • Show polls on specific pages
  • Show polls to random sample
  • Show polls after certain number of seconds
  • Instantly add / delete / pause polls without adding any more code to your site
  • Graph and searchable log of responses
  • Can push poll results, views, closes, to Google Analytics

visitor polls Heat Maps

  • Aggregate lots of click data to form beautiful heatmaps
  • Click heat maps
  • Mouse movement heat maps
  • Scroll Depth heat maps (see how far people are scrolling down the page)
  • Works with fluid layouts & different browser sizes
  • Create heatmaps based on date ranges, urls, browsers, location and more.
  • Accurately finds the actual div the user clicked on instead of just using relative mouse coordinates.

track mouse movements Visitor Recordings & Live Sessions

  • Watch in real time or automatically records visitor
    browsing sessions
  • See exactly what your visitors did on your site
  • Ability to chat with visitor while you watch them browse.
  • Watch every mouse movement, keypress, scroll, screen resize
  • Works with dynamic html and member only pages
  • Saves the HTML that the visitor saw at the time of the recording
  • Works across multiple browsers / screen resolutions
  • See mouse paths drawn over the html
  • Watch Visitor Path accross site and jump to any page
  • Searchable recordings, including finding recordings that include a specific url
  • Stores visitor keywords, search engine, referrer information with recordings.

visitor polls Live Visitor Map

  • Watch a real time visitor map of all your website visitors
  • Animated with custom effects
  • Plot line between points for neat effect
  • Can be launched in Full Screen for use with large monitors, or to display in a waiting area
  • Simple or Detailed Map View
Lucky Orange Gives You  A  7Days Free Trial of small plan see complete pricing but If you know your website well  and clear all the bugs then money don`t matters because  if you  spend then you will earn absolutely. Cheak It Out Lucky Orange

Till then stay blessed……!