In this era of competition most of us i rather like to say every body wants to be on number one to be prominent and famous.So we work hard and hard sitting infront of computer consecutive three to six hours and try to be unique and post something different to be popular on serp that can majorly cause your health in damage cuz most of us are young. Our body tends to manage the situtaion but it will all effect after some years and at that time our body cannot be repairable.Here i am today with some of quality tips about health for addictive bloggers.

Mental Stress

A blogger whose blog is at it`s peak or successfull.He will surely always think about his blog how to improve it  seo ,new posts ,publishing schedule or to develop a new widget always thinking about a same thing can make you double minded and you can do non of these activites.

Tips To Avoid It

  • To avoid mental stress and confusions just go out in some fresh air or take meditation or you can also practise yoga it really works
  • Try to write more posts in free time and schedule them by date and if sometimes you don`t get time to post you will not be stressed 
  • Be calm and plan with patience and possitive mind and remember you can do nothing over night it is just a waste of time so sleep well it will refresh your mind accroding to doctors ,"This is very important for a young man to sleep atlest six hours a day other wise it will effect your brain badly

Obesty And Acidity

The bloggers around in the blogging community are usually young and like to live sedentary life which cause the stated conditions we ate our food and sit infront of computer which is the largest cause of obesty accroding to professional doctors we should go for a walk  or we could do this in our home garage after the meal.And after the meal you are again infront of the computer this will cause you acidity and your stomach got damaged after a month if you don`t take precautions.
                                                  Some of the many increased serious health risks associated with obesity are

  • Heart disease and heart attacks
  • Strokes and high blood pressure
  • Colon cancer 
  • Degenerative Joint Disease  sometimes crippling and leading to a need for joint replacement
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Depression (obese patients are typically inactive which can lead to increased incidences of chronic clinical depression that could be treated and greatly improved with exercise).

Tips To Avoid It

  • Eat Natural food and ovoid any kind of fast food or junk food
  • You can eat any fast food to enhance your taste but only once in a two weeks if you really cares about your self as i stated about that at this time our body is fully energized we can go through with small problems but these small problems can cause you serious damage in the future.
  • Take rest or sleep in the daylight if you wana work at night
  • Create a strict Schedule and take a light excercise daily

Joints Pain

Joints pain to bloggers incluse neck pain, hand pain, backbone pain cuz of bad chair.Take breaks in between your work if you are working for long hours.Take some excercise of your hand neck and fingers.Posture is important and you must maintain straight posture.Constantly sitting with bad posture can cause your backbone damage from inside.

Tips To Avoid It

  • These problems can be solved by stretching your neck before starting your work 
  • Do some simple exercises for your hand, wrist and fingers
  • Take Proper rest accroding to your work to avoid it

Eye Sight Weekness

This is the most common found in almost every webmaster or blogger these days even the Google spam team incharge Matt Cutts have glasses on his face cuz according to my information there is no proper or parmanent cureness of eyesight weekness if it reaches the bad position.Avoid sitting long hours before computer or laptop screens. Drink more water to avoid puffiness

Tips To Avoid It

  • For a less messy alternative, try putting 2 metal tablespoons in the fridge and use them daily by placing the backs against your eyes.
  • Vaseline cream, which is meant to reduce swelling, may work well. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. 
  • Get enough sleep
  • Elevate your head when you sleep

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You will be thinking that from where i have an idea on this kind of post cuz i am also suffering some of the above listed problems including back pain and hand pain so i consult a doctor and got all the answers what is the reason behind so i thought to share it with my readers 

  1. Did i miss anything
  2. Am i was wrong at any point
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