Create secret boards at pinterest

It was kind of fun to log onto

Pinterest today and see a message about the new secret boards. In case you haven't checked it out, we've got the scoop plus some fun ideas on what to do with yours. Because unfortunately, they're not unlimited.

Pinterest Has Got the popularity and introducing the new features constantly to get at the top in the social media market. On 4th November pinterest gave a good news to webmasters buy releasing the verfied authour functionality and buy giving a genuine dofollow backlink to every webmaster and if you have some healthy number of subcribers it will majorly Boast up you Pr and my last post is all about this that "How to get dofollow backlink for your blog from pinterest".

Benefits Of Secret Boards

  1. You can plan something about your holiday or some kind of Special function and pop up the board for surprise.
  2. You can save your private pins in your account that you wish nobody can see.
  3. Use a secret board to plan a surprise party, collect gift ideas and more.
  4. Pin competitor logos, images, cover photos and banners from Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube “skins” to a board that only you and your marketing project stakeholders can see.
Much like Facebook offers “secret groups,” Pinterest’s impeding “secret boards” or “private boards,” depending on what they end up being dubbed, offers a much needed layer to the visual bookmarking site that is long overdue.

How To ?

If you want to create a secret board while on your desktop, go to your profile, scroll down to the bottom, and click “Create a Secret” board, or more simply, click “Add+” at the top right of the page to create one, and just turn the “Secret” button to on. This on/off feature is brilliant, because you may want to secretly bookmark items for the holidays, a wedding, your work team, or anything surprise (or secret that you don’t want competitors to see), adding a layer of community that didn’t exist before.

Authour`s Desk > > > >

Unfortunately, you can’t convert any of your current public boards to a secret status. You can convert secret boards to public, but you can’t then turn them back. It seems Pinterest deems that once something is public, you can’t take it back. I can sort of understand why that might be, but I can’t understand why it can’t be.