The main purpose of every blogger is to add some kind of new,unique and creative widgets on his blog so his blog may look attractive and eye cathy and this could also help to lower you blog bounce rate.In past articles blogging heaven released some of the best and unique widgets for blogger including  colourfull social buttons with hover effect  and will soon starting articles regarding wordpress plugins.
Today i am telling you the way how to add creative and dynamic post dvider to your "blogger blog".


How To Add Post Divider

1:Login to your blogger account >>Template>>Edit Html>>Template Designer>>Advanced>>Add Css.

2:Now put the following code in it and change the coloured part with the given images url or your own direct image link.And you can also change paddind to 3.5,4.5 or your desired to give more free wide space.

margin: 0 0 40px 0;
width: 90%;
background: url(Paste Your Image Url Here);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: bottom center;
margin:.5em 0 1.5em;

If You want this banner under every post with your rss link when clicked then follow the steps

<a href=""><img alt="this is image #1" src="" style="width:320px; height:58px; border:9px solid white; float:center;" />
Change the coloured part with your feed burner username
Add the following code just below blog post section in layout menu by adding a new HTML gadget.
 Author`s Desk > > >

You can add them if you wana fill any empty space between posts and they will surely also anhance you blog beuty so let me know in comments where you have added these dividers i wana see them but please do not spam the comment box cuz i will delete spam comments happy dividing !