why are you not getting good traffic
How to get good and targeted traffic on your blog or website is the first and major purpose of any webmaster and blogger cuz traffic is everything to you.Kepping all the tricky stuff at side there are some simple stuff that we usually don`t know and  also don`t even concentrate on them and some newbie bloggers even have given up from blogging when they receive bad responce .But do not give up cuz blogging is such a field where calmness is very important.

So what are you doing wrong?

You Are A Newbie

This is where patience and clamness come in. You will not have thousands of people  turning back to you read your blog if you have only just started blogging.You have just started, it is a journey of  many steps build your popularity every work is suitable by step by step

You Have No Publishing Schedule

You know that magzine that comes every week that newspaper that comes every day with fresh content and people like them even now in these technology days becuase they have there own value so be unique and own a value and unique quality just focus on your niche do not start so many niche`s at a time build a publishing schedule and you will gain a loyal readership.

Less Social Media Followers 

Social media is one of the best way these days to get traffic  every body is on social media  either it is twitter or facebook  or google+ these are the major ways where people connect with you and exchange there content with yours and now a days pinterest is fastly growing platform which is helping webmasters a lot in there SEO. Few Weeks back they have introduced verified authourship functionality i talked about it in my recent post.Post headline on facebook or twitter to your loyal tribe and tease and tempt them with a great headline that makes them click on your link to your post.

Your Headlines Are Not Good Enough

If you write a headline that doesn’t meet  some of the basic principles of headline writing that gets readers pass your title on Twitter or facebook and reading the link that is attached then you need to learn the basics of headline writing

Headings, also known as h-tags,  h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 that you see inside the HTML of many pages. Their purpose is to give structure to a story,
much like an outline gives structure to a report or term paper. If it helps, think if this as your page’s skeleton.
H1 – The page headline. It should contain the main them of the page and most important keyword or keywords. There should be only one.And search engine likes H1 tag.
H2 – Section headlines to describe each section.
H3 – Subsection headlines that break-up sections in an orderly fashion.

You Have Poor SEO

Google will rank high you in SERP if you have search engine fully optimized blog.While starting the blog the first thing is to optimize your blog for search engine so that they respect you this is very effective for you if any search engine respects you.
This series will help you a lot
The Blogging Heaven Series of "Basic Steps Of Good SEO"

You Have No Aim Or focus

If you are writing for everyone and posting articles that do not belong to your niche that will not bring loyal visitors to your blog and you can also lose your old one so be focused just pay attention on your niche in wich you are interested and know that very well.Know your market and stick to it. Don`t go off topic.

No Quality Content

If You are writing posts which people feel like boring and irrelevant .Don`t post on old stuff which is already on thousand of blogs and websites use different keyword`s and post about fresh content search for problems people mostly have and solve them be unique in your content and stick to it.

Not Connecting With Others In The Market

Comment on other blogs, add other bloggers on facebook,  follow them on twitter or google+ engage with them and introduce yourself.Be a  guest bloggers on other popular blogs.Go out an interview top bloggers or successful people either online or face to face.

Not Distributing your content on your social media pages

Put your videos on YouTube, post your articles to Facebook, Twitter and google+ and don’t forget others like Technorati and Digg. Use you blog as a homebase and distribute  and leverage your content to your social media outposts. 

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