Google is coming up with latest sleek looking and awsome widgets and apps everyday to keep active and be in the top list in the global market.Last week they have released a new version of followers widget and now they have just released new feature in google + called communities.Saying this is in do dout they have copied facebook groups but have some diffrent features.You can create two types of communities private and public in private only selected persons can involve and in public everyone can participate and the bad thing i hated is that you cannot change the privacy settings you have once created.
So make it carefully so you might don`t want to delete and make a new one .You can also create events and hangouts for your members anyone can comment who is the member of the community and others member reply to that comment and an option to share with your community with the help of 1+ button.This can be very helpfull for bloggers and wemasters cuz this is a kind of new source of traffic for them.

                                         By Blogging-Heaven

How To Join Google+ Communities

  1. Go to url
  2. On the 5th tab there will be written communites.
  3. Click on it and follow the steps.

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    This community feature will work same as facebook groups you can invite your friends and members can also invite their friends in your community.
    In a post on Google’s blog, the company’s Senior VP Vic Gundotra offers updated numbers on the network’s user base as well. He notes that 500 million people have signed up, 235 million are active across Google, and 135 million are active in just the stream. Google appears to be hoping features like Communities will drive a bit more activity across the network.
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