Satisfied with your blog traffic and revenue now want to spend some time off page for your popularity and for more exposure on your blog.You have designed a stunning and good looking Wordpress theme and also stated it on your blog but want to spread it more but don`t know what to do then you are at the right place i will tell you some professional steps that will help you to submit your theme at top ranked theme directory.
And you can also earn as much as well if you have some unique work.Creating themes and then selling them is also a profitable business.

How To Do That All Stuff ? 

First of all we have to get license for our theme so you might have some proper rights on your work.There are 3 ways about licensing your work first is that you may license your theme under GNU GPL or you can use creative commons cuz they are strict then GNU or you can make your own privacy policy Here.
                  Most of the designers which are fully active in the market license there theme under GNU,GPL and then you have to pay to download that theme.You can also download the theme where it is free but you have to enter a key to activate the theme.So if anybody pay for the key then give away the theme for free then all you can do is nothing cuz if your theme is licensed under GNU,GPl the other person have full rights to edit it or redistribute it so in my opinion you should use creative commons cuz they are strict in this thing.

Distributing Your Theme 

If You have designed a normal not a premium theme and your plan is to give it away for free then this is highly recommended that you should submit to Wordpress free theme directory . There are many advantages to submit your theme to free theme directory cuz of the wide range audience and a live human review from the Wordpress theme review team.When you submit your theme to directory it has been reviewed by the member of the theme review team and see the codes meets all the guidelines.The theme review guidelines are made to unsure the quality in the Wordpress free theme directory.The time of your theme review depends upon that how many themes are currently in que & how many issues the reviewer find in your code and rejects it but don`t giveaway and submit again and again by giving proper fixes and you will get the grade.

Good Design & Name

Once your theme is submited to the theme directory it will show up in SERP and in the directory as well.You should keep in mind that create such a theme which has a kind of unique design and unique name  because of high competetion do such a work that force the visitor to once see the theme in demo and download it.

Important !

It’s impossible to predict and prepare for every single use case, but here are a few common things to think about when developing:

  1. Make sure your theme can endure a wide range of content situations without breaking — long post titles, long widget titles, many menu items, etc.
  2. Make sure your theme is translation-ready.
  3. Add a right-to-left  style sheet for those whose languages read from right-to-left.
  4. Make sure the fonts you use support characters from a wide number of languages.
  5. Avoid hard coding, and respect user settings as much as possible.
  6. Avoid using ornamental graphics (such as a post title or widget title background) that break if text gets too long or too short. In fact, use CSS3 effects in favor of ornamental graphics wherever possible. These days, you can create rounded corners, drop-shadows, gradients, and more with CSS3.

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This is is not exhaustive, but it’s enough to get you started. If you develop in accordance with The Theme Review Guidelines, test with the Theme Unit Test, and run the Theme Check Plugin, you’ll be well on your way to making sure your theme is fit for the masses!