Every blogger even a newbie is involved in social media and other Off page strategies for getting good food for their blog.Every blogger when he gets online on social media will create community & contacts with different peoples,bloggers & more then important with pro bloggers but the main thing is to turn them into buddy bloggers to make your community strong.Of course they are also on social media ask them to follow you.Pinterest is the fastest  growing network in late 2012 this will also help you majorly by mixing your community and pinterest pins & followers and turn them into traffic.
Now this matter has been solved by google cuz they have already released google+ communities and pinterest have released secret boards you can also make them private.

Tips To Turn Readers & Friends Into Buddy Bloggers

1: Do Not Be Loud Mouthed

Blogging is so wide spread that every blogger has something new to share so you can not say about yourself so fast don`t be loud mouthed.Take some time to introduce your self.If you visited a site for just unwanted pop ups and sale promotions that is fit to upset anyone.Show other bloggers and friends that you are not here to make money respect them and give a value to their work and content.The thing i do most of the times, if you even know about something still just ask your blogger friend that to give you some tips about that that will increase value between both of you and  sometimes you can even get something new to knowledge.

2: Search Engine Optimization

One of the most favourite topic for me. Build such a strong relations between your readers and blogger friends that they cannot deny any of your request.Then you will be able to partner with other friends and blogger friends  for link building and SEO Purpose.At this position when google is after link building theifs.Bloggers are more carefull about those friends with whom they are engaged in this activity having a network of buddy bloggers will go a long way.

3: Be Unique

In blogging carrier you need skills which will be build automatically as you go along.But having some one like your buddy friend to guide you through the process will makes your job easier.With the community of pro blogger friends that are always willing to share their experince and in turn you share with them what you know all you get is a new knowledge.so you may get an idea and want to test it. Blogging buddies become good sounding boards to help you develop and test your idea as well as provide feedback.

Pinterest The Traffic Machine

Now a days most of the brands are also featuring their products on pinterest cuz this is what a visitor need . I mean we want such a site which can be operated mostly by the mouse and pinterest is just like that, we are laying on the couch or in office we just see the picture we like it from the right bar or repin it and the same picture is seen by the followers who are following us so this matters a lot to follow the boards and people according to your niche and other peoples with same niche will follow your boards according to their interest and their interest is same like their followers and your pin is just spread away and just imagine the exposure.

Getting Good Rank With Pinterest  
If you have a new blog then you will might be strugling for the (AR) author rank and (PR) page rank so your blog ranks good in SERP.Pinterst is the only fastest way to rank your blog atleast PR1 in google in just 10 days the thing you have to do is to pin all your posts on your pinterst boards and make different boards for every post  seperate for seo, blogger, wordpress just like me see here.And to bring jeniune atlest 70 followers to your pinterest boards see below post for complete reveiw.

Very first thing which you need to start with is making your blog pin able. Add a Pinterest button on your blog post and make it easy for your readers to pin images from your Blog. Your readers can easily and images from your blog articles to their Pinterest boards.

  All In One Solution

This is the main thing that everybody cannot do or don`t know about.Make such infographics according to your niche that explains a whole article in one image just like solution to a blog error or any social meida help this will attract visitors and your followers and will force them to share with other.

From Author`s Desk > > >

What I have found about blogging  that  has brought a little success for me is to be friendly with everyone, to be controversial, to make mistakes and to be just myself. And yea, one more thing to just have fun with the process.
All of this is what makes one interesting and will attract other people to you.
Try to know your readers and commentators, connect with them on Twitter and Facebook and build relationship with them. Happy Blogging :)


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