The Security factor is not a new issue it is from the very first day when we have data storage or any important information saved and hackers are also alive in this universe but we should try our best to protect our self. Security companies charge a very high amount to protect your data either it is online or in your own server for security reason we have to install a extra software in our computer sometimes software owns a very large amount of storage and also lowers the performance of your pc but any body knows that we can also protect our chrome by a security password. When a single pc at home is used by many users you always delete the history so no one can know what are you surfing ,your saved passwords and your bookmarks so you should immediately protect your chrome and relax because nobody can see your records now and if somebody puts the wrong password then the chrome automatically closes. 

How To Password Protect Your Chrome ?

  1. First go to Chrome web store for plugin named simple startup passowrd and click on add to chrome
  2. When it is added then go to settings >> Extensions and then type the password and save it now restart the chrome and see it in action.
  3. If some one open the Google chrome the person can only see the homepage in return of wrong password the chrome closes.

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