If you want to succeed in your blogging carrier you have to build relations with the fellows in your niche.Just relations will not work you have to build some strong relations so the next person cannot deny your request.The influential bloggers the inspiration, the aim and every newbie wants to be like them.This is a good practice and force you to do hard work but in this case you have to be also at least on your marks so the other person not thinks that you are a professional link builder.There is a reality that excess of anything is bad you have to use all the tactics but with a technique.

 What Is Your Main Purpose

You should keep in mind that you have to take full benefit from a influential blogger.They could be the reason of your success.The more stronger you make the relation and keep in touch with them the more they will praise you.

What Benefits Influential Bloggers Can Give 

  • A Review
  • A backlink
  • Blog roll list
  • A tweet of your content
  • G+1
  • Fb like 
  • Fb recommend
  • A traffic blast by listing you in his favorite list.

How To Find Influential Bloggers In Your Niche

You can use your Pinterest to find bloggers in your niche try to see the followers of those which are following you this can really help you.You can use bloggers.com ,G+ or even twitter to find people in which you are interested.plus one their content ,follow them they will automatically get back to you.Be Aware You are running at the risk of being made fun of in public or worse.You can lose your exposure and your authority or can lose any of your client so be aware while making any kind of request.

How To Do All The Tricky Stuff

Just keep in mind that you have to be strong and ready for any kind of reply from the other side.Keep in contact with them consult with them about any problem you faced or any kind of technique.Tell them if you find any copied content of their blog ,give suggestions and some thing like that so you build a trust in their eyes.After all this ask politely for a link or a guest post they will never deny and when your first link is published your confidence will build up automatically.

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The more high quality and strong links point to your blog the more your blog will rank well in serp do not care about the pr update there are thousands of changes occurred in the search engine every month so your blog will automatically ranked up when the links start pointing. Questions are more then welcome on this blog so the comment box is all yours don`t hesitate to comment i will be always there to help you . Peace :)


  1. Hmm once again a new thing learned from this blog great work

  2. There is a reality that excess of anything local SEO marketing is bad you have to use all the tactics but with a technique.

  3. But the main problem is that problogger don't have time to give time to every newbie; when you grow to become pro yourself then you don't need their support because you already have established your business.
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