Every body wants to save time while searching on Google or any search engine but there are some capabilities which are only owned by Google so we can say that it is the best search engine and every body knows that.So the topic i want to discuss today is also about it.You have heard this millions of time that time is money and nobody wants to waste his money so you may use some tactics in your real life as well as when you are online for best and accurate results.So always use Google search filters by date to get the latest and fresh results that are good for you.

Benefits Of Search Filters 

  • Save your time. 
  • Get best and accurate results by using proper keywords.
  • Get results displayed to you by date and time and within the dates.
  • Will boast up your searching skills.

How To Use Search Filters

Type anything you want to search on Google and just under it click on search tools.

Then play with the options opened under it time selection,specific coutries results,result type image, text etc, search from the whole web or just from the country in which you are Google will automatically track you.

Date Range

By selecting date range this can majorly help you save time and get the new and fresh results you want.Just click on Any time >> Custom Range set your desired date and get the results.

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Are you using these search filters to get best results you want if you are not using you should try it and tell about your experience in the comment bar.The more your search skills goes better the more you are good at searching can search a good and unique content for your blog too.So   stay blessed and keep engaged with us for more awesome articles and tweaks. Peace :)


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