how to deal with the bloggers stealing your guest posts
Guest Blogging is the backbone of your blog reputation and plays an important role to boast your rankings in serp`s so every blogger out there should start guest posting from the very first day of his blogging,but sometimes the situation becomes worse when you are cheated and your precious work is stolen with no appreciation or any payback.So the main purpose of today`s article is all about to deal with them this is not about the content scrappers but this is about when you submit post on a blog and given a backlink or something like that but after some days the link is removed by the admin blogger.This is not fare they just have stolen your precious time,work and your experience.I have received emails and questions about this that what to do now so here are some core techniques which can surely help you in your blogging future.

First of all thanks to +Mohit Rajwani that he takes interest in my post at seoallrounder and question me about this so here are some techniques which you can follow .

You Are Annoyed Lets Talk

Of course after such a blunder you are totally annoyed on the blog owner so be polite and remember you are totally at the end of the stick and you have no control in the situation now what to do be calm and contact the blog owner and talk with him about the situation if it`s an error then the owner could fix it but if it`s a blunder and he is asking something else like money or something like that then ask him to trash your post.A professional approach can convince the blog owner to accept your request.

It`s Your Fault

This is not called professionalism that you just saw a blog with decent page rank and traffic and  just ran after it for guest posting check out the post about how to search quality blogs for guest posting. It is your responsibility to check out and postmortem the blog e.g see the old guest posts submited on the blog,check the response on post from visitors.If  these steps are done before then this day will not come when your guest posts are stolen.

Build A community With Other Guest Bloggers With Same Problem

The same problem could be with any other might be number of blogger like you so you should search for them contact them and build a community against the scrapper of your post this could be the best way in my opinion bcz this can build a lot of pressure on him and in threat of losing his blog position he can either give your links back or can trash your article .There is no use of doing guest posts on such blogs which do such blunders.

Be Professional And Control Your Anger

Don`t let your anger or emotions fall on you and be professional like your work and talk politely while dealing the situation with the owner of the blog in other way appreciate his work and tell him this is not a good thing you are professional these things not suite on you this will surely wok.

Don`t Give Up 

This is  not  content scraping that you can complaint to Google Dmca you have to take over the situation all alone so my recommendation is that after some hours or days if the owner is not compromising with you contact him again and again talk to him again and again appreciate him and his work there will come a time when he himself do the stuff you want but as i said above it`s your fault now face it.

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Where the good blogger are helping the newbies for free and giving them consultancy at the same time there are some bloggers out there which are still ethical and uses wrong techniques so the message to those blogger from my side is that you can never win by following the techniques you are using so stop and be a good one.
                                                                                       I hope you have liked this post tell me in comments if i am wrong at any point,any difficulty while understanding any point, you know more tuts to take over guys like that then immediately  tell me in comments i will add that point in this post .Till then stay blessed and happy guest posting.


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