Every Blogger wants that there should be tons of comments daily on his blog articles but in the middle the whole joy is destroyed by comment spammers.You can`t stop them from commenting but you can stop them from spam commenting if you are on blogger you should know very well that from 100 commentators there are 90 of them want to use html for a backlink either it is nofollow or dofollow they don`t care they just want to linkback to their blog or whatever they like.So i will be sharing some tips and a coding trick to hide the links.When any body paste the html in comment box it turns into a normal text this will not effect you but a lot of outgoing links is not good for your blog health.

Comment Policy

If you are not facing lot of spam comments then there is no need of  any policy but if you are getting lots of hundreds of spam comments attached with affiliate links or something like that then you must immediately create a strong comment policy and force your visitors to act on it and while having comment policy you can tell anyone out there that you have not obeyed our rules so we have deleted your comment.No one can blame on you.

Chose Your Comment System Wisely

The comment system matters a lot while you are blogging the no 1 comment system for blogger is no doubt Disqus because of it`s easy blogger integration and security precautions and if you are using default but little bit customized threaded comment system in blogger then you have to take care of it self chose the options wisely.In settings >> posts and comments >> comments  either you want pop up window,full page,or embedded it`s on you what`s suit your blog best and come just below it,Who can comment anonymous,registered users,one with Google account or member of this blog.If you chose member of this blog option then you can easily remove anyone from the list who is spamming.

How To Hide Your Existing Links

If there are lots of links present in your comments and you don`t want to remove the comments cuz they are your exposure don`t worry just add the above coding just before the </head> in your template coding all the links in the comment bar will  be converted into a simple text.

Just add the above coding just before </head> in your template coding
<script src='https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.3/jquery.min.js'/><script> $('.comment-content a[rel$=nofollow]').replaceWith(function(){return ($(this).text());});</script>

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You should keep in mind that comments are your first impression when any body comes to your post page they will probably read the comment first if the comments are good they will surely read you full post and after that shares,likes and lots of exposure.I hope you understands the whole system what i have defined today .Peace :)


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