After the panda update in January all the bloggers and webmasters started to talk about pr update there are many rumors about the expected dates but most  of rumors are about 6 Feb or in the next month March no one knows the exact date.Google is so smart and keeping an eye on all the bloggers and webmasters discussions on forums.While giving no chance to webmasters Google released it`s first pr update of 2013 on 4th February.some are still thinking that its has to arrive on 6th Feb and deciding to build links but If you have Submitted guest post on a blog for a backlink Google will only include the backlink in the update if the post has been submitted at-least 15 days before the update.Some are blessed with a rank up some with a rank down some are same as blogging-heaven remains on pr 1i think this is a chance from Google  so we do more hard work.If you have also got no change in the pr then don`t be worry,
bloggers think if there is boast in pr so their blog might rank well in Google this is true but if we are chasing  page rank for traffic then buddy you don`t deserve to blog.Hare are some core techniques that how to force Google to give your blog the link juice.

Notes To Keep In Mind

Some Things that you should keep in your mind that some bloggers have misunderstanding that if they get high pr they will get lot of traffic from search engines that is totally false.You should first of all give attention On Building readership and social fans they are your first source of traffic and exposure then on building Alexa Rank and links and on the third pr.

Google Link Juice

When i started my blog i used disqus comment system for Blogging-Heaven and it helps me a lot in start in getting traffic and it is always at the top of traffic sources but in blogging you don`t need to depend on a thing for a lifetime.So when i changed my theme on new year i used the default but little bit customized version of blogger commenting system.So if you want to get the link juice from Google and wants that Google respects you then you should post unique and such a content that is not present on the internet before.Try to be unique and create infographics for your every new post and publish your post regarding the days like when Christmas is near and when black Friday is near this will help you a lot to be at the top of serp. 

Real Importance Of PageRank 

Blogs and websites with quality and awesome content rank well in serp and get better crawl and index rates e.g a blog with pr 6 will be indexed several times in a minute and with pr 4 once every minute and pr 2 once in a hour and you have more chances to get organic traffic and hit headlines in SERP`s

Why your Page Rank Is Not Increasing

When a newbie blogger starts a blog everyone thinks about money for a while but they realize it later that it is not as easy they think, don`t blog for money.When you get decent page rank alexa rank and subscribers people will contact you about a product review  for paid links or guest posts and demanding dofollow backlink giving away a dofollow backlink is not more then a burden on your blog in low pr like pr 2 or pr 3 nofollow will not effect you.So don`t fooled by money there will be lot money once your blog is established.

Fastest Link Building Strategy

Publish at least 4 posts in a week on your blog and submit 2 posts as guest post on other blogs take a handful of 5,6 high pr  blogs and build a relationship with them send follow up emails and consultancy of anything you want appreciate them request any article and then politely ask them that you want to submit a guest post then will never deny.Once your guest post is rejected from one blog try it on another blog don`t give up this is my gurantee that once your post is submitted on a blog then you will automatically be listed on all of the blogs you have selected because this will act like an appreciation and you will work hard for next post.

When The Next Pr Is Expected

No one knows the exact date of any update but everyone has a little knowledge about this  like I have tell you about the panda update expected dates 18-20 Jan and the update was rolled on 24 Jan.So the rumors and depending on old records we can say that the next pr update will be on 15 June,2013 -- 15 July,2013 so ready for it.

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Blogging - Heaven remains on pr 1 bcz in last 2 moths i was very busy in my exams and on some other sites but i tried my best to produce quality content and enhance your blog beauty with awesome widgets so follow me on Facebook and twitter and subscribe by email for weekly updates till then stay blessed and happy blogging :)


  1. I like ''So don`t fooled by money there will be lot money once your blog is established.''
    Very true, never start a blog to make money, because if that is your goal your heart isn't really in it.