Those days are gone when it was easy to build links either it is for page rank or just to link back to increase your exposure.There are new techniques invented every day for the sake of search engine algorithm and to stay safe from them becuase if you are doing everything correct but in 10 techniques you mixed a black hat tut your all good techniques are also counted as wrong." A dirty fish destroys the whole pool".So to keep your old content up in serp where is the right position you do social media promoting or use anchor text in your own posts but today i will tell you the best and proven method and advantages of building links to your older posts in your inner pages of blog.

Expose Your Inner Pages To Search Engines

Search engine itself will not get all of your pages into the serp until you tell the bots what you got.So the main and the first advantage of linking back to your inner/old pages is that your page authority.Page authority will boast up and get your site up in serp while you get more links from good quality sites but to increase your page authority you don`t have to depend only on home page you have to build authority as well as for your inner pages and your whole site got up while you have more  well ranked pages in serp.This blog has some of posts and pages which got seperate pr 1 or pr 2 just becuase of good quality links pointing to those pages.

Significance Between Link And The Linked Page

This is most important point to understand while linking back to your blog.You are on a discussion forum for example.This blog is all about blogger and wordpress techniques and practical seo tips and you link back to your blog homepage in a thread where the conversation is on the go about blogger new interface errors.The link you droped there is linking back to your homepage while someone clicks on it he finds the article of other topics rather then blogger new interface errors if you drop a link back to your blog post discussing about blogger new interface errors this will surely decrease your bounce rate and you will surely get a new loyal visitor or subscriber and the visitor will be in the list if returning visitors.

Building More Links To Homepage And Then Panalyzed By Google

It does not matter if you have 100 strong and quality backlinks to your homepage and zero links to your inner pages search engine will put you in the list of people using unnatural link building techniques even if they are legit and Google will be more suspecious if they are made in a short period of time.Before 2012 there are many link building companies offering bulk link building but they no more exist becuase Google hates them so it is important to make diversity between your links and spread your inner page links as well as your homepage url and site with more diverse linking is considered more important than others.

You Can Target Wide Variety Of Keywords

While you build links only to your homepage your websites will shown in serp for only 3, 4 keywords and when you buld links to your inner pages you have a very huge and wide variety of keywords which are used in the post.Thus your post is ranked well in serp this will majorly increase your click through ratio to your search quiries and you will get better bounce rate and when you get better and lower bounce rate your site is ranked up in serp becuase people love to read and share your content.

The No 1 Advantage To Link Back To Your Inner Page

While you link back to your inner pages and posts the post you linkback to are also featured in the serp for the searched keyword they have and if the site through which you have created a backlinks has good position in serp and has also a high page rank then your post will be automatically indexed faster than before and your page got a nice position in search results.Example if you are using they index every post separately and is indexed faster and shown in serp because has nice alexa ,popualirt in serp and high page rank 6 . Like this post, screen shot below

Conclusions > > >

If you getting links and chasing pagrank then you should step backward and think for a while cuase page rank is not evreything but quality is everything it can cover some of your major drop of search engine optimization.

  • Did i missed any important point ?
  • Did you agree with all these points discussed today ?
  • Am i was wrong at any pont ?
  • What is your point of view about building links to inner pages?
So let me know all the answers of these questions in the comment box down cause comments are more than welcome on this blog an i am always there to help you and answer your questions and your precious thoughts. Happy Blogging :)


  1. Thanks for the useful article, but it doesn't answer one very important question. What anchor text can be used for inner pages? Should you stick with mostly "brand" anchor text even for inner pages, or is it okay to have a much higher amount of keyword anchor texts for inner pages? For example, if your website is and you have an inner page "" then we may expect that 50-90% of the anchor texts going to that inner page would be "furry mouse" and not "". Obviously the point is to avoid Penguin penalties for over-optimized anchor text. I have looked all over the internet for an answer to this question, but haven't found any advice at all about this. Thanks for your input on this.