The more you get popular the more people start liking you and try to copy you.In the field of blogging if you are copying someone regarding content,design,
code,images or a video without any prior notice can cause both the original owner and the content thief in danger cause Google is know a days father of the internet.If you want to survive while blogging you have to take some quality measures defined by Google so you keep going on.We have already created the privacy policy for the spammers but it was not so strong and was not so spread to every one who visits this blog.After some major changes we have updated the privacy policy so every one should know the quality and worth of our material which we create by our full efforts and our blogging experience.

Benefits Of Having A Privacy Policy

  • Inform visitors the purpose of collecting data.
  • Address one of the biggest concerns of the user.
  • Build trust in the market.
  • Improve quality of the information collected.
  • Show the complete laws and regulations.

14 Different Changes

Today we have made 14 different changes to blogging-heaven in different section including coding,seo section and lot more.

The New Logo

We are fed up with the old logo it is still the same from November 2012 so our designer guy made this new logo we hope you will like this and in coming posts we will also tell you about how to create awesome logos like blogging-heaven it is very easy you will love the method and will tell your other fellows also.


Revert Contact Page Back To Blogger

While you want to contact the owner of the blog or site you uses the contact page previously in October we created a new sub domain for contact page [].No body likes to redirected to any other site and we received complaints regarding the contact page that it loads very slow some times it gives the page not available error.So visitor satisfaction is our duty so now we decided to revert it back to blogger so visitors can enjoy the experience.

Author`s Desk > > >

Our visitors satisfaction is our main duty and loyal visitors are more then welcome on this blog so if you have questions regarding this privacy policy so the comment box down here is all yours express your thoughts about this.I am  very excited because in coming days there are some awesome things which have to happened on blogging-heaven so keep your fingers crossed and wait for the moment till then stay blessed and happy blogging :)


  1. Yeah, you are right. They do not give any credits after they had published on their blogs. They are lack of knowledge. You are popular so keep it up, man.