There are many rumors around about the panda update that Matt Cutts officially announced few days back but as Google say they make thousands of algorithm changes around the year so this update is one of them and is not till yet officially announced by Google but discussions going around in webmaster world forum and most of people around there are complaining about their keywords swapping and low traffic as well.As to say honestly we have also a lot of break down of traffic today since past 4,5 hours   so i searched it off and i came to a result that panda has been refreshed yesterday evening but Matt have said that this update is specially for large link networks and some websites that are most popular in the industry and using unnatural links
.So i hope you might not be a victim of this animal and everybody hates him so here are some small number of  professional,well tested and great techniques which will greatly help you to forget panda forever. 

You Will Not A Newbie Anymore

First of all you should keep this in your mind that as you read this blog and the published posts which are surely the juice of our experience and team work you will not be a newbie anymore if you keep tuned to this blog and to our community and you should because we helped you a lot in many ways technical seo tips ,Blogger widgets,Wordpress explanation so you should immediately subscribe to our email updates which are surely free for you don`t worry we hate spam and we will not send you any unwanted emails.So if you want to be a pro and also like to help others then go for it and submit your email and then verify it the day will no more far when people will ask you for consultancy.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Panda

Panda is little bit complicated but the main purpose of update is to penalize the blogs with low content and duplicate content and the blogs with high quality content raise them up in search results where they belong. While some say that update is accurate like a blind man in a bow and arrow contest but panda has notified the webmasters that they can only survive if they have best link strategy and best keywords.

Tips To Forget Panda Forever

Best Search Engine Optimization & Design

First Of all if you visit any blog don`t ever never ever judge the blog with the blog layout or design but there are some things you have to do for Google not for your loyal visitors.You use css3,jquery and some other tricks to enhance your blog bueaty so you might use them in a way that when Google bots crawl your blog there will be zero error and no difference in seeing your blog between you and Google.I hope you understand what i am trying to describe you can see your blog with Google eyes by fetch as Google toll in webmaster tolls.Proper meta tags proper meta description could make your work easy.See  the link below to learn how to see your blog with Google eyes.

Quality Is More Then Welcome By Google

Google and Google serp praise blogs with quality and unique content and if you have nothing more than quality then don`t worry you will automatically know about your popularity and people will talk about you and you will not more afraid that panda is coming.So i am describing some note tips so you shall take special care of them and get survived by Google panda.

When Your Site Can Be A Victim Of Panda Update

  • Duplicate Content and Google hates the spam more then anything so you should not duplicate any of your or other`s content.
  • Only content does nothing content should be genuine and worth reading and lots of genuine content if you have some genuine content it will not help you.You have to create lots of great and attractive content to attract Google.
  • Difference Between body content and page title tag because in search queries the keywords helped a lot to the searcher if they are present in the body you will be on the top but if you have different title tag which do not match the body content then wait for panda.
  • High Bounce rate will lead you to the failure you will only have high bounce rate when people do not love you or don`t interested in your work  then you are next victim of panda if your bounce rate is on it`s way to low side then remember it visitors love and want to read your precious efforts.  5 Tips On How To Lower Your Bounce Rate.
  • Low or non quality inbound links to a blog or website or your own posts.Remember you must link back to your old posts as well when you make a new one to keep them alive.
  • No Social Media Interactions i don`t know the exact number but there are millions of blogs out there and Google are watching all of them even a single activity so if you have no social media interaction then you might understand what is going to happen.

For Example Your Blog Gone Hit By Panda Now What ?

Your blog is victimized by panda update now what it is not a big deal if you want success then you should first taste failure then the joy of success will be more then ever trust me i am not a born pro blogger lots of experiments and decessions brought me up to this level read my story in this post at the end of it.
So here some quick notes to quickly get up when you are victimized by panda.

  • If you think this is a wrong decession by Google and your blog is worthy then send a reconsideration request to Google and let Google know about this.
  • Your site traffic is surely down so share and promote it manually to social networks and on your profiles where ever you have profiles across the social network.
  • Change some grammar and writing styles in your post and describe it more professionally.
  • Create your home page or landing page more attractive then before and manage some giveaways on your homepage for your visitors like images,free coupons,Hd movies etc.
  • As a said Above Google hates duplication more then anything else so you cannot do it not even on your own blog so remove any duplicate pages you have.
  • Change you menu bar and make it more attractive and force visitors to click on it it will surely lower your bounce rate and increase the number of loyal visitors.
  • Conclusions > > >

In the presence of Mrs Google i am sure Google is a girl because it keeps suggesting me results even i am typing so in the presence of Google you cannot create your own rules you have to follow the quality guide lines described by Google otherwise you will out of your work. Peace Stay Blessed !


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