expect google panda update on friday 15 march
Keep Your fingers crossed because Google has Officially announced that a Google panda update is coming this Friday 15th March or 18th March 2013.If you are on the right side i mean you have quality and awesome content which readers love to read then you don`t need to worry but those who are using black hat techniques or have poor quality content.This update could be very large as said by Google and can make some serious damages to spammers so be sure you don`t have poor content.If you are using some wrong techniques then in these 4-5 days all you can do is nothing but wait for your destruction.

Heated Battle With Spam

Matt Cutts recently was on stage at SMX and said that they will make a Penguin update and that will be a big one at the end of this year.He also said that they are in intense fight with spammers to control them and stop them which are disturbing the system.This dose not mean that we concentrate on that update end of the year is so far away so there are also lot more updates coming in the middle time so we should ready for them and follow some core techniques to get up with flying colors. 

Google To Take Down 2 Large Link Networks

Google is famous for taking down link networks around the globe and punishing them kicking out from their serp there are hundreds of link networks around the globe.They gurantee that they will boast your position in serp and your page rank as well by doing all the seo tricky stuff.Some out there are using black hat techniques and earning from their clients.Google don`t like them no body knows that which link network Google will take down this time as said by Google they will be large one so we shall wait for it.

Important Step We Can Take Now

Matt Cutts said that every body should check out his site in webmaster tools by fetch as Google toll and confirms himself that how Google see his site so he can correct as many mistakes as fast as he can.

How To Fetch Your Site As Google

Go to Google Webmasters Tools >> Dashboard >> Health >> Fetch as Google.Now select which version you want to see smartphone,web
and paste the url which you want to fetch as Google for Example

www.blogging-heaven.com/2012/Best Seo Blog 
You have to paste the blue color url in the bar and click on fetch.See the image below

fetch as google

Be sure to check your webmaster tools regularly so you get the error report fast and you can correct it as fast as you can.

  • Conclusions > > >
According to my survey 100,000 new wordpress blogs created every day and 30,000 blogger blogs are created daily so in this huge traffic Google is trying to remove the spam completely and from the very first day they have not removed it completely.If there is no spam on the internet then there will be no blogging fun i think it cannot be removed completely but can be controlled to a limit.So keep your fingers crossed and see what happens in coming days. Stay blessed :)


  1. Wow! Another panda refresh..

    May be that was the reason for my blogs loss of traffic..

    1. Yes the update was on Friday so plz follow the rules and signs so you can properly identify that you are a victim or not and recover from it as fast as you can :) Peace