Every one knows that wordpress has some superior seo features which can take your blog to next level in a short time but blogger is also not behind you have to manage all the visulas and seo by your self but on other side in wordpress there are some prebuilt functions that can save your time.I have also recived plenty of emails from my friends and they are asking me about which platform to use for better blogging carrier and honestly i always prefer them blogger.Few months back i was also sick of blogger poor seo but with time you will automatically master in it and than you will love it when you get the good responce.So yesterday matt cutts posted a video in which he tells about the main difference between blogger and wordpress seo.

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As i said above that if some one consults from me then i will always prefer him blogger if he has just started blogging.If you are a pro blogger you know all pro`s and con`s of seo and all that stuff so should migrate to Wordpress because every one needs promotion in his life.You can listen to matt cutts for further information.


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Seo is the backbone of your blog so you have to deal with it and master it if you want to survive.I hope you like this post and i hope this changed your mind if you want to start with blogger or wordpress you will like series of blogging heaven "Basic Steps Of Good Seo "Series". "


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    I have a question...why would I pay to monetize my blog on Wordpress when I can host a blog and monetize it for free on Blogger.com? Does Wordpress more followers and spotlight?

    1. There is much difference between Blogger and WordPress.WordPress has best user compatibility and easy to create or manage third party or your own plugins but in Blogger you have to jump into coding which every body cannot do so efficiently.WordPress is 2 step higher than Blogger regarding SEO features.When you will use WordPress you will recognize by your self. :) Peace and stay blessed.

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