After 2009 there is a dramatic change in blogging every body these days read and write blog posts and enhance other with knowledge.New advertisement companies also started coming in market every day and begging for ad space in well read blogs as the number of blogs increase on the other side request for ad spaces also increasing day by day.So you might have seen every well established blog with ads and banners.Blogging suddenly became a great source of income and every one out there need good income this lead to many advantaged and disadvantages of course  there are also disadvantages of everything but to get full advantage you have to know the core basics and techniques and most important the best time to benefit from them.

Your Wish To Fool Google

There are many people out there who wants and wish to write for your blog for money they charge less money of content writing and generate lots of posts to push to site to top of search results but the content created by content writers is usually not in quality and the trick might have worked if Google does not existed in the internet world.

Six Figure Income

If you have started blogging just to earn money then you are the biggest fool ever if you think that bloggers are earning a six figure income just from a blog sitting at home then my advice is that you should read there whole experience of blogging and ups and downs they face to reach this position.Blog will not give you a six figure income in months not even in 3 years but you can manage a house easily i hope you understand what does six figure income means.Blogging needs time, effort and hard work managing a blog will give you slower and lower returns.Start you blogging for passion instead for ads and money.

Fake Keywords

Lots of keywords are popular in serp if we use them and don`t care either they are related to our content or not then keep in mind that Google does not like these types of practices and your greed of making money and to be popular can harm you and your blog a lot.

Black Hat Techniques

The view of getting more ad space requests and making more money lead many users to use black hat and many other individual techniques which can harm your all efforts which you have made and established your blog.In this greed they place identical posts across the network to attempt more traffic and get more request for ad space.

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If you are also blogging for money then immediately step backward and chose the other way because greed of money never lead you to success.Comments are more then welcome on this blog so drop your precious thoughts about this post from your precious time i will be great thankful to you.
                                                                                Till then lots of ♥ , happy blogging. 


  1. It is really a great and informative post.
    You have nailed down some important headings they are very useful to them who have just started blogging.You are right no body can make fool of Google.
    I am not a pro like you but i have a question that if we use synonyms of the rich keywords which have best position in the serp will it work one of my friend said that is a great technique.

    1. Thanks for your precious time to comment on this post .
      Yes of course it is true that it is the biggest misunderstanding that you can make Google fool. The answer of your question is that it works but not all the time Google is so smart at this step you will be noticed in the eyes of Google .Use it with a technique and do this with only some words in the headings or post body not always .Stay blessed :)

  2. Informative post keep up the good work. You changed my mind a lot

    1. Thanks bro for the appreciation .Changing minds and tell them the right way is the part of my duty