Blogger team is active these days and making some major changes to blogger to make it more reliable and easy for the newbie bloggers coming every day and as well as pro bloggers.On 10th April blogger team has changed the html editor and they gave it a new awesome new look by adding some more professional tolls to make it easy for every one to customize it and take care of your blog properly without knowing any technical work.Just few hours ago Google has launched a new feature for blogger and i am very excited to tell you all fellows that this is the most waited update ever because most of bloggers out there demand it from Blogger team and now they have fulfilled what we want.The new feature launched today is named as Google+ comments for Bloggers.
I hope you understand what has been updated.Blogger team is still updating so be calm and wait for your turn to have updated dashboard.Let me explain it deeply and what are the benefits.

What Is Google+ Comments For Bloggers ?

When ever you publish any post you share it on your Google+ profile or page and you have also a number of peoples in your circles they might like your post or want to comment on it by staying at Google+ as they make a comment there the same comment will also go live on the article on blogger blog comment section.You can follow the comments live and reply to them in this way you will get more comments and traffic to your blog.Take a look at this screen shot.The same comment on Google+ thread is also live on same article on blogger blog.

What Are The Core Benefits Of This System ?

1:More Comments

2:More People will follow you and your circles shall increase

3:Reply on the go from Goolge+ Thread

More Comments:
                            People will comment more on your threads by staying on the same page.More comments on your blog will also increase your blog exposure and authority.

More People Will Follow You
                                                Our blog readers now have the option to comment on your thread privately or publicly within their circles on Google+.When they are browsing they can just see the comments from their circles they will only see the comments that you have permissions to see.So they will follow you up for reading more comments.That is my theory.

Reply From Google+
Now you don`t have to reply from your blogger blog commenting system.Reply on the go from Google+ thread and the same comments will be published immediately on your blogger blog.I am in love with this system.Hope it will be good to use in future and don`t create any hassle while blogging.

How To Get Started With Google+ Comments ?

To get started with Google+ Comments for blogger go to your Google+ tab on your blogger dashboard and click on ( Use Google+ Comments for this blog).As i said above that Blogger team is still busy so this feature is updated worldwide so keep calm and wait for it.I got it after half an hour and i am enjoying it.

Comment section is Gone.

Conclusions > > >

I will love to hear from you about this new feature Google+ Comments for Bloggers.So let me know that either you have added it on your blog or not and what are benefits from your point of view of this update.Google has made good decession or not.I am waiting anxiously for your precious thoughts about this post. 

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  1. I dislike Google Plus. Thanks to Blogger for this service. I don't use Google Plus since I heard it. :) Thanks for advice, Mr. Tayyab.

    1. It is my honor and my duty to keep all my readers updated every second. I am still not using this feature on this blog. But I am using it on another blog and i am in love with it it brings more comments for me.