I have been thinking from couple of weeks and then made a survey and some experiments to know the exact meaning of new and returning visitors and than i came to know that we are making a mistake.We are not giving proper attention to this portion in Google analytics,by understanding it and making some major changes to our blog we can get most out of it and it can benefit us in many ways.Every article published here on Blogging Heaven first under goes many experiments and visitor reviews than we finally publish it live.If you follow some of techniques discussed here than you can boast up your traffic and exposure in a short
period of time.

What Is Google Analytics ? Is It 100% Correct ?

Google analytics service is offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. The product is aimed at marketers as opposed to webmasters and technologists from which the industry of web analytics originally grew.Who can say that results that Google analytics create are 100% correct and no one can compete it but i can say surely that there are lot more analytics tools that are way more better than Google analytics and some of them really impressed me a lot.In coming posts i will make a list of top 10 alternative of Google analytics that i use myself and they are great.

What Is The Exact Meaning Of New And Returning Visitors ?

New visitors:

                  New visitors are those visitors which are referred by any of your friend or any of your online spokes person or any other of your loyal visitor or landed on your site through serp by your catchy post heading or awesome content rating.You have to make a strategy to make every new visitor of your site happy by your content/work and make it your loyal and regular reader.

Returning Visitors:

                          Returning Visitors are those visitors which perfectly know about you and your blog and position of your blog and appreciate you in every kind which you deserve.You have to make a strategy to reward your returning visitors through which they can`t stop visiting you and get reviews from them about your blog and show the reviews to new visitors.

How Google Analytics Calculate New And Returning Visitors ?

Google analytics calculate visitor sessions by their cookies when a visitor visits a website then the cookie is saved for a specific time and Google analytics use 3 major cookies. _Utma,_Utmz,_Utmb in older version there is also a cookie named _Utmc but that cookie is no more in action.


This cookies is also knows as "visitor" cookie.It has a expiration period is 2 years when the visitor comes to your site cookie gets updated for another 2 years.It stores the amount of visits for each visitor,the time of the first visit,previous visit and current visit.It creates persistent Id to track visitors across multiple visits.


This cookie is also known as "session" cookie.It has a expiration period of 30 minutes if the visitor come back to the site within 30 minutes it gets involved in the same session.The main purpose of this cookies is to calculate that how fast a visitor leave,when his visit is started and when it ends.It collect and ties together all page views and action performed in a visit.You can try this chrome extension to manage all your cookies.


This cookies is also known as "Campaign" cookies.It has a expiration period of 6 months when a visitor come back to your site it will remember the last traffic source of that visitor.Cookie will be over written when the same visitor came from another traffic source.When they came by typing the direct url or clicking on a bookmark they will be counted as a returning visitor in Google analytics dashboard.It records whether the visitor came from a search engine (and if so, the search keyword used), a link, or from a bookmark.


This cookies was also known as "session" cookie.Now session only ends up wuth _Utmb cookie this cookies is deprecated from analytics.

How To Reward And Impress New Visitors ?

First take example of your life

1:If you respect some one either he is elder or older than you he will be happy tell about your good mood to other people he know and thus your popularity and fame increases and other people will also love to meet you.

2:If you visit a hotel there food is good there management is superb and there prices are also low as well as compared to others you would love to share the experience with your loved ones and your friends and ask them to visit that hotel.
                    Same in blogging if you are good with your new visitors and make every one happy by giving away something unique which will make them happy.This could be the first method to get most out of your new visitors.You can show them reviews you have collected from your old and loyal visitors or any pro blogger or any personality this will impress a new visitor a lot.

  • A premium theme by draw
  • Premium facebook covers
  • Make a free logo for them by draw this is not a difficult job for you it will hardly take an hour.
  • Free blog installation
  • Free major on page seo.
You can do many things like that to attract new visitors and don`t forget to take reviews from them for more new visitors.

How To Take Care Of Your Returning Visitors ?

These visitors are your everything your fame,your free spokes person and keeping an eye at every step you take on your site or blog.So you should not do any thing wrong to disappoint them.You can ask them by leaving a special note that you will help them in any way they want in blogging problems.Send them a thank you email monthly with any special gift like they can make a guest post on this blog or you will add them in your blog roll list.You can giveaway a hosting account worth 50$ for just 10$ so you can get at least some of money and do these types of costly giveaways by draw not just by simply giving it away.Mention them in your posts there articles in any of your posts and give them a nofollow link they will be happy they don`t care about the nofollow or dofollow they just want to be featured on your popular blog.They will share that post with there friends and community and all the exposure is collected by yourself.

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