Quality is not everything these days you have to take care of many circumstances to make search engines happy other wise they will kick out you from there serp.So optimizing the website/blog is the very first strategy of every webmaster but there are some technical rules and regulations to follow now and some practices to done if you want to succeed in front of search engines.Search engines just do their duty and rank best websites with best and relevant content that visitors are searching.Your incoming links,organic traffic and social media activity works best for you but your content,website/blog structure and best GUI enhance your chances to be
pumped up in serp.

A Blog Must Have These 5 Elements On Homepage

1: Clear And Enhanced Navigation Menu

Make easier for the visitor that he can also know more about your blog and your services.Make sure the navigation menu is cluster free and can be seen clearly this could majorly move your bounce rate down and more social shares if content is awesome and worth of reading.

2:Make Your Side Bar Attractive From The Top

Make it easy for visitors by adding a category box and grouping the posts,add a video,image of the day or anything like that to make a authority and force the landed visitor to stay long on your blog/website.

3:Popular Post Area

Add a attractive popular post widget on your blog homepage of the most popular post of all time or a month or a week and let the visitors click on them.Make them more attractive by adding an image to a post.

4:Search Box

Make it easy for your visitors so they can  search on your blog what they need or in search for.You can add Google custom search bar or your own stylish colorful search bar.

5: Email Subscription Form

Encourage your visitors to follow you and attract them by telling them that you have more that 1000+ email subscribers.When they subscribe offer them anything free like a template or a plugin something like that so they keep tuned to your blog.

What Are Search Engines Looking For ?

1:Best User Experience

Search engine look upon a blog/site and take some important test these test are not taken by a human but an automatic bot but search engine bots are more efficient and perfect then anything else.They look upon site bounce rate,is it easy to navigate around,does it look safe,does it creates any harmful effects to eyes by any sharp colors.

2:Authority And Reputation

Search Engines look for your authority and reputation around your niche and community.Does your website/blog is worth to link to any other authoritative blog/site.

3:Site Performance

How fast is the loading speed of your blog.Does it have any clusters while loading,any unwanted  pop ups, unwanted ads, unwanted CTA's (Call To Action).


quality content and is it worth to be pumped up in serp so the visitors could find relevant results.titles and description on the pages.

What Are The Main Optimization Strategies ?

1:Determine Your Niche And Passion

What do you like to post even when you are starting a new blog you have to be constant on a particular niche and you must know your passion.Which is the thing you passionate about usually.Which topics you will cover or want to cover on a particular blog.

2:Ask Your Readers What they Demand

You can ask your loyal visitors that which topic they demand to be published at this blog.Use keywords that are mostly searched on the web and post about that if you want to get most out of search engines.Post on ever green topics and topics that are not covered before on the internet.If that new post creates waves in in the industry Google will reward you in some way.

3:Full Fill The Demand

Now you have feedback from your visitors and readers what they want to see on your blog and what they are curios about then immediately post about that topic to get appreciated.

4:Don`t Over Optimize

Post about that readers want to read first not keywords by over optimizing and using lots of targeted keywords in a single post can harm your ranking.

5:Be Social And Share Your Posts

Social networks are the fastest and immediate way of traffic to your newly published post.Share your post on social networks like Google+ and use hashtags,Twitter,Facebook.This will benefit you in two ways.Your post will be indexed by search engines faster than before and more links pointing to your post means more incoming links and that is the thing that search engine use while ranking sites in serp.

6:Post Publishing Frequency

Don`t let your blog go offline for two long like a month or so.Create and try to follow your publishing schedule.Keep Your post frequency as high as you can.Keeping a blog active is a key to traffic growth.

  • Conclusions > > >
These are some major seo techniques and lessons you can follow and can apply on your blog to get most out of search engines.They will also work surely if you own a new blog.

  • Am i wrong at any point ?
  • Do You have some other more perfect or professional techniques i will love to share them with my readers.
  • Do you find any difficulty understanding any point.
Feel free to ask any questions about this post or anything about blogging.The comment box is all yours. 


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