Writing and producing content for a blog isn't easy you can't afford to not be original, and you can't
afford to take shortcuts. Fortunately, there are tips and techniques you can use to both run a quality site
and boost your readership on almost any blog, anywhere.So by applying some tips to your blog you can came up with flying colors these techniques are major one but important as well so don`t miss them and try to apply on every blog you own.

This is a guest Post From Angie Picardo.She is Financial Analyst and Content Manager at Nerdwallet
Here are five tips and techniques to perfect your blog

1: Have a Point

The most important factor in driving traffic to your blog is to having great content driven by a clearly defined premise.This tip is no secret, but it bears repeating. Have a blog about video games, technology, policy, cooking, and photography? Too broad for one person to cover, and too much different content for any given audience. You're not The New York Times, you're you. Focus your content down to one or two topics you really care about. Like sports and politics? Try putting them together. Who knows, by melding those two you could create content found nowhere else online!

2: Clean Your WordPress Header

The header of your blog should contain nothing but your logo. If you insist on a robust header, add a search box and nothing more. Here's why: search engines incorporate the speed of websites loading
in their rankings, and the more loaded down your header is with unnecessary stuff, the less likely it'll be picked up by a search engine. The more junk you cram into your header the harder you make it for search engine web crawlers to find your site.

3: Fix Your Permalinks

Permalinks are the URL addresses which direct visitors to any given page on your site. Permalinks are also one of the first things to adjust to clearly explain to search engines what a given page or post is about. Typically, as Copyblogger notes, "a short, exact, descriptor of a page — with one or two keywords — will help your SEO immensely".

For example, if you change "www.blogname.com/2013/04/15-tips-to-optimize-your-blog-bring-people-in-and-win-at-the-internet.html" to "www.blogname.com/2013/04/15-tips-to-optimize- blog-readership.html" your post stands a far better chance of being found. Adjusting permalinks in WordPress isn't difficult: simply go to your dashboard, enter settings, click on permalinks, enter your custom link and click on the radio button. Save your changes and you're good to go.

4: Keep Sidebars and Widgets to a Minimum

Loading up your blog with a bunch of unnecessary widgets and junk is a surefire way to waste space and distract readers from your content. That's not to say that you should never use widgets or place
anything in your sidebar, but you need to base what's there on what's used and what promotes your material. Search boxes, archives, and popular posts are all reasonable, but if you move beyond the
basics you run the risk of muddying your blog. Use a calendar widget if you're organizing meetings your readership can attend. Photography blog? Maybe a small gallery isn't a bad idea. What's important is that your sidebar adds value to your site.

5: Link, Network, And Expand Your Horizons

Okay, three tips in one, but they're equally important so we'll run with it. First, do link your work to other relevant articles both on and offsite — it helps to build a good reputation and it helps to build
trust with search engines. One warning, however: broken links do occur, so be sure to check your links on an annual basis using tools like WordPress' Broken Link Checker or various link checker websites.
But linking also folds into another important tool called networking.
By networking, attributing, and guest writing with other blogs which share your interest, you not only promote outside material but yours as well. By expanding your name and brand to other sites you're
reaching out to readers who need your advice and expertise, but would never otherwise be able to find you.By building a network based off of quality relationships you engage more readers and bloggers,and lend credibility to your name.

  • About The Author :

Angie Picardo is a Financial Analyst and Content Manager for NerdWallet.com, a site dedicated to empowering consumers to make better decisions about their personal finances, travel plans, or higher education.Her mission is to help consumers stay financially savvy.You can read an article about "Top high yield saving accounts for digital age.


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