You have might seen a quote written that  "Never  judge any blog  with it`s layout" and it is true but there are also some people out there called newbies and they don`t see the page rank or alexa or links or authority they just need their problem solved as fast and as easy so you have to take your blog to that level that even professionals and newbies don`t face any problem.Colors matters a lot in designing  the website because colors represent the work more fluently and colors have a very deep connection between human eye and brain and even while performing actions.
If you are student of psychology then you know better than me but today i am telling you about that which color best suits your blog in a particular niche.Colors matter a lot either you use them on your main page or any pop up landing page i will tell you the best colors you can use in your own blog and how they can help you getting more attention of visitors.

Reality :

You have noticed that how color do affect your mood and your physical condition. Does you have a favorite shirt have a certain affect on you because of its color? Do you wear that shirt because of its effect on your emotions?

Yellow :

Yellow color is optimistic and youthful it is more liked by young generation.It is used to grab viewers attention you can use it in your email subscription form or advertise here box to so might people get attracted towards it.Yellow is a sign of happiness.Yellow color is also associated with clear thinking and good judgement it can also be helpful in building confidence between you and your visitor.

Red :

Red color increases heart beat rate and create urgency it is also used as a sign of energy or protection or caution.Red color is also used to draw attention  but has less effect than yellow.You can use it in your sidebar for any announcement,product promotion or any upcoming post or product never use it  in your subscribe form sometime red color is useful in creating negative thoughts because it is also associated with anger.

Blue :

Blue color is a sign of security and comfort it creates the sensation of trust and security.Blue color is mostly used by large businesses websites or bank websites and is also used in E-commerce websites because it is all about money and the more trust we have the more sales they will have on their site. blue inspires mental control, clarity and creativity.

Green :

Green color is the easiest color for an eye to process it is associated with wealth.This color is mostly used by finance or entertainment websites or blogs like music or showbiz news.You can use green color on your blog where you are referring something e.g plugins or widgets or free themes or in your thank you message when some one subscribe your blog by email.

Orange :

Orange color is a sign of aggressiveness and act like red color but little bit different.This color is mostly used by websites which are giving away something free like any software or any web  templates and in return they just need your appreciation.It is also a sign of happiness.You can also use it as call to action on you blog and as a attention grabber to a specific part of your blog.

Purple :

This color is a sign of  purifying and antiseptic effect and also used as a medicine in different part of world while minor operations.This color is mainly used by beauty or anti-aging products and services this is also a sign of trust.You can use this color on your blog where you offer free services for newbies example : free WordPress installation or anything like that.

Black :

This color is a sign of power and perfectness this color effect can prevent anything not to happen.It can stop your decesion making or any of your pending project and it can really be i have suffered from it.This color is also a sing of luxury and sophisticated.

Conclusions  > > >

Colors matter a lot in our life if we are completely aware of them and how to use them so one day they will be our ultimate power.So try to use them as your experience and if you have any old expereince or any thoughts about colors then fell free to comment here .Peace


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