Blogger team is active these   days and there are many changes happened on the last month of April including new html editor and Google+ comments for blogger.This is the biggest improvements in blogger over the recent past.The new commenting system looks very cute with solid implementation.The main benefit of this system is that visitor have no need to open your blog and can directly comment from Google+.Millions of blogs are still using the old blogger commenting system what makes Blogger commenting system more beneficial than Google+ commenting system that is the topic we shall discuss
today in deep so every one can see the analysis and will not fall in panic while applying any of them on their blog knowing their advantages and disadvantages.

Blogger Commenting System

When Blogger started it's service it lacks in many features but with time blogger team has made some good and strong changes so bloggers prefer it on any other blogging platform.In the start blogger commenting system was simple and has no features like threaded comments.On January 11, 2012 Blogger has officially launched threaded comments for blogger and enhance it with a new beauty but still it does not work like WordPress. When there is a new reply the commentator does not receive any message that his comment has been replied and this is a big issue this can surely boast the commenting by 70% hope that blogger team will apply this feature in future.In start of this year the simple looking buttons below comment box turns into clean and elegant html blue button which has enhanced the beauty of blogger commenting system.In the last month of April Blogger team has made one of the biggest change ever.Google+ comments for blogger which is cute with solid implementation.

Advantages Of Blogger Default Commenting System

  • No need to worry about spammers because of different options available by default in blogger.
  • Can be customized by color,size.
  • Gives out Nofollow back link by default.
  • You can set your own customized message shown after the comment has been submitted.
  • Any one can also add html in the comment box and get benefit by using proper anchor text.

  • No compromise on your blog load speed.
  • You can bring the visitor direct to the comment box if you want to by using the url which you have after submitting the comment.

Disadvantages Of Blogger Default Commenting System

  • No automated  email responder like  WordPress have.
  • Any one can use Open Id of his Blog Url and can get easily a flow of traffic by just commenting a spam comment.
  • No control on the length of the comment and low length comments have no value.

Google + Commenting System For Blogger 

As i said above Google + comment system for blogger is the biggest change from the blogger team since the very first day it is clean ,cluster free, Can be installed very quickly with solid implementation.The main advantage of this commenting system for blogger is that anybody can comment on the post even he is on the Google + profile and the comment will also be shown on the blogger post as well and this can surely boast your commenting if your visitors use Google + because only person having Google + Profile can comment on the post even he is landed on the post page on blog.We can say that Google has made this step to increase and attract more people towards Google +.

Advantages Of Google + Comment System For Blogger

  • You can directly comment from Google + Profile where the post has been shared.
  • You will get the notification of the comment at the top right box just after your name with the number of comment or replies you have.
  • This is also a threaded comment system.
  • You can edit your comment if you have typed something wrong and save it again after editing.
  • You can set your comment as public or just to be shown to public.
  • You can also share and comment at the same time by tick marking also share on  Google +.
  • You can also +1 any of comment you like the most.

Disadvantages Of Google + Comment System For Blogger

  • People who have no Google + Profile cannot comment on your post.
  • There is difference in page loading speed when you use Google + Comment system.
  • The comments cannot be migrated when you are changing the domain or re-branding.
  • I don`t know about other but i have faced the problem that the statistics are not accurate and sometime not visible.

Conclusions > > >

Google is making changes day by day but Blogger team has to work more on this recent update so that people can use it without any panic.But it is a very good package.We have also not enabled the Google + Comments for blogger because we are happy with the default one but the disadvantages i have mentioned are true and i hope Google will take care of them in future.So keep your fingers crossed to see what will happen next till than stay blessed and happy commenting :)


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  2. Nice article. I love this comment system. I have a question. If there is any chance that this comment system will decrease my blog loading speed?

    Abdur Rakib

    1. Thanks For appreciation. If your blog load speed is effected then you can try by optimizing your images and removing unwanted widgets and only list 6 posts on homepage .This can help you decrease your blog load speed.

    2. Ya. Loading speed is definitely affected. Check your blog in a dial up connection. everything will be clear.