Blogging-Heaven has announced it's first interview with the hope that all our visitors out there can enjoy the great answer and a great seo experience with a seo guy.Today our guest is Saad Naeem from ( main benefit of interviewing any pro blogger is that his experience means a lot to bloggers like me or some other newbies out their.So with the hope that you can learn more about Saad Naeem and his blog and his experience on blogging and seo we have managed an awesome interview with him and we are thankful to him to give us some time from his precious time.It took us approx 1 month to interview Saad Naeem he is a busy person works as a accountant in a shipping firm in U.A.E.

Lets's Talk With Him

1:Hey thanks Saad by giving us your precious time for a short interview.How are you and what you are upto these days ?

First of all thanks for inviting me to your blog for a great interview , I can see you have lined up some great question for me down and I will be happy to answer them for your audience. This is my third interview , the first two I gave when I got my banned adsense recovered in 3 days. 

2:How does you get into this field of blogging tell us your story ?

Well its a very long story , let me be brief as much as I can here. This goes back to 2009 when I started a small niche site on about football (my favourite sport ) , the reason I started it was was for my self to stop going to different sites for sources like streaming , scores , team standing and news . So I made a small portal where all will syndicated from other sites and I will get at same place. It started to get viewers and started growing and since it was 2009 and SEO was not very hard , I started to learn about seo and started ranking my site and in 2010 I was ranking on top of the major keywords with searched of 1.2million/month and there I was earning $4000/month and felt great until beginning of  2012 when Google introduced penguin and panda that when my site went down , it was still getting 20-30k traffic so I decided to make it a subscription site and started earning a lot more than adsense. and  that's when I decided to start blogging and share my 2 year experience in Seoallrounder grew big with in 6month with 1000+ subscribers and I am getting a very good response from my readers.

3:Are you a part time or full time blogger if you are a part time blogger what do you do apart from blogging ?

Funny that you asked me that , I am a part time blogger and working full time as a junior accountant in a shipping firm which I doesn't like at all , I am just waiting for an idea to strike me so I can start a full time online business. 

4:Which blogging platform your prefer WordPress/Blogger and Why ? any time , its amazing simple yet powerful.People with less knowledge about internet find it very confusing to create a website for their business but WordPress has made it a lot easier for any one to get their business online with in minutes.

5:Can you plz tell us that which blogging tycoons you love to read and impressed you a lot ?

tycoons? not really I just read blog from early bloggers as they are more informative as tycoons just try to take money out of your pockets.

6:How do you monetize your blog ?

Not adsense! I promote clickbank products , maxcdn , bluehost and aweber and some jvzoo products. I don't like to buy posts as they decrease the quality of my blog. 

7:If you gota chance to meet any blogger which one will you chose ?

 +Ileane Smith from basicblogtips and +Syed Faizan Ali from

8:Can you plz tell us some blogging tips you apply on your blog for our readers ?

1. Be consistent with blogging , try to research and put in your ideas from your experience. 
2. Don't worry about seo at all 
3. Socialize a lot with others in your niche , it helps a lot in the end
4. Help other bloggers in social media and forums
5. Create a email list
6. treat your blog as forum and make sure your reply to all comments with helpful suggestions.

9:Plz tell us about your future dream about your blog and your own future ?

Lets leave that to future , I don't have a very big plans for Seoallrounder but I see it growing day by day so I will keep it as it is going but as of now I am busy in full time job so no plans.

10:Can you plz quote some lines about Blogging-Heaven how are we helping newbies and regular bloggers ?

Blogging heaven is a great blog ! I see your have posted two guest post on seoallrounder and you are consistent with it so I am sure it will bring you success in near future. Good Luck!

I hope I have helped the bloggers out there , I am really excited to see comments from other bloggers below and I'll make sure to reply to any of the queries below. 

its Me , Signing off today. Hope you guys had a good read and I hope to visit blogging heaven again with more success until then Good bye and Good Luck!.


  1. I just started taking my blogs seriously... Thanks tons Saad for the tips and Tayyab for the interview... this is of great help!!!!!

    1. Thanks for supporting us but bro no open id commenting next time other wise you will be banned permanently :) Peace

  2. Very Nice interview. Your answers cleared my confusions.
    Keep it Up. looking forward to follow you