Guest Blogging is now a well known technique for generating back links and building your online exposure but  in every field there are bad people along with good one's known as spammers in blogging.Most of us don't know but behind the bush they are doing some rough stuff which harm your blog and in result you lost your all efforts and ranking you have earned in a long term.I am not saying that all the guest bloggers are same but accepting to many guest posts just for the sake of time saving can ruin your blog if you give proper time to your blog the more you will get benefits.I really have a very bad experience while receiving requests for guest posts and 99% just guest post for the sake of a dofollow backlink if you ask them that the link will be nofollow they simply ask not to publish their post but the point is that I have stated in my previous post that you can do all this by creating relations with influential bloggers and that really worked for me and I have also learned it from my seniors.

> > Benefits Of Building Relations With Influential Bloggers

Today's topic is all about that how much active you have to be while accepting guest posts create a tight schedule of your own so that you have left no space for guest bloggers but for some which are your blogging buddies.Once you got high rank and high pr in community then you can accept quality guest posts on daily basis.I prefer not to accept guest posts till you got pr 3.

Did You Guarantee Your Outgoing Links

I always say that check your broken links there are lot's of tolls out there to check the outgoing broken links from your blog e.g if you have published 200 guest posts from which 50 or 90 guest posters have deleted the link they have posted in there bio wohhoo you just got 90 outgoing broken links and Google hates broken links thus decrease in your serp ranking.

You Can Lost Your Lot's Of Readers

If you are accepting guest posts for your blog then you must have some quality guide lines to follow if you want your post accepted.You receive lot's of requests but you always not accept all the requests you received because everyone do not create quality content and after 2,3 times rejection he fell angry and a different image is created on his mind about your blog and thus you lost a writer,you can say your reader and slowly he stops coming to your blog.This was a real story of mine so don't say that it's not a logic.

Stay Active And Keep A Closer Look On Your Guest Author's

The most hated thing on the web is spamming and companies like Google and other similar set up a costly system so they can stay save from spammers because they are the worst headache.Keep a closer look on your guest author's what are they posting check all the links out going from your blog are they relevant or not to your site.Lot's of links towards irrelevant site means a penalty by Google.

Keep Your Name & Format Alive

If you are just publishing guest posts then one day you will lose your identity, your voice,your experience and your writing skills.All the bloggers cannot create quality content every body has different experience,different writing skills and different format.In case your name and format will be lost you will lose your whole blogging identity so don't always rely on guest posters try to produce quality content not quantity.

You Can Lose Your Page Rank & Serp Ranking

If you are accepting lot's of guest posts and you have done all that link building stuff to earn a decent pr and ranking now a person comes in and say you to share your page rank by a dofollow back link.By this practise one day you will left with lot's of outgoing links but less incoming links and if the number of outgoing links is larger than incoming links then you will be the next guest of Google algorithm update which you don't want to be.
Make your most of outgoing links nofollow for example you have dofollow backlink in a review a normal rated guest post or something like that because if outgoing links are more than incoming links that is the major reason of drop in your pr or no increase in your page rank.By making your links nofollow you will only allow your readers to follow it and that link will not be crawled by Google bots.Of course your outgoing links are more than your incoming links but try to keep the ratio between them as low as possible.Always link big sites as nofollow some of the examples are as follows.

  • Facebook Profiles, Pages, Developers page etc
  • Google Services such as Gmail, Google+, Adsense, Feedburner, Blogger, YouTube etc.
  • Mozilla and Chrome and other browser add-on pages
  • Microsoft, Yahoo, Google
  • Torrent links, rapidshare links, megashare links etc etc.
  • Demo, Download and Iframed Pages.

Author's Desk > > >

I always think benefit for my readers and friends this is all because of my own faced experience before doing your guest post on any other blog you must also see that if the blog is worth publishing your guest post e.g have loyal readers and subscribers or a huge fan following.Lot's of things you have to consider before sending a request you can further read my post on seoallrounder about this.


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