what to do if your page rank remains same in the next pr update
First week of July is at it's end and there are lots of discussion around on different forums and blogging communities about the upcoming Google page rank update which was expected in the first week of July but still no signal from +Matt Cutts .Every body is curious about it because there are lot's of bloggers out their which have managed special time for creating back links so they can also see some pump up in their Page rank.I always say that a blogger should not ran after the page rank because there are lot more things to concentrate rather then pr but Pr has it's own importance.Reputation,You want other people to contribute to your blog,you need advertisers and this can all happen if you have a nice pr not high but nice pr at least 1 and good alexa ranking.Usually after a pr update when most of the bloggers don`t get boast in their page rank most of them don`t know what to do next or what is the main reason of not getting page
rank up.So here I am today to tell you that what to do if you if your page rank remains same in the next Google page rank update ?.What I have learned so far from my experience and from other pro bloggers senior than me.  

How Does Google Calculate Page Rank ?

Page rank is not only calculated from incoming links but from incoming dofollow links that points to your blog but if getting backlinks is the only source of achieving pr than why page rank drops for some of the bloggers the answer is that they misuse their page rank which Google does not like at all.
Google look carefully at following factors

  • Usage of current page rank
  • Balance of your incoming and outgoing links

Stop Guest Posting 

If you do not have pr more than 2 then you should not accept guest posts on regular basis and if you are accepting than stop it immediately because first make your own page rank high than take care of others.Because you are giving away your link reputation to others.

Make Your most Of Outgoing Links Nofollow

Make your most of outgoing links nofollow for example you have dofollow backlink in a review a normal rated guest post or something like that because if outgoing links are more than incoming links that is the major reason of drop in your pr or no increase in your page rank.By making your links nofollow you will only allow your readers to follow it and that link will not be crawled by Google bots.Of course your outgoing links are more than your incoming links but try to keep the ratio between them as low as possible.Always link big sites as nofollow some of the examples are as follows.
  • Facebook Profiles, Pages, Developers page etc
  • Google Services such as Gmail, Google+, Adsense, Feedburner, Blogger, YouTube etc.
  • Mozilla and Chrome and other browser add-on pages
  • Microsoft, Yahoo, Google
  • Torrent links, rapidshare links, megashare links etc etc.
  • Demo, Download and Iframed Pages.

Make All Your Internal Links Dofollow

 Never ever make your internal links as nofollow but make them dofollow.Increase the number of inbound links within your posts as much as you can so that search robots may enjoy crawling and indexing your pages.Whenever you share your post or your post is shared by some one else robots crawl the pages and with the help of that you can also transfer the link juice to your inbound linked pages.

Check Your Back Links You Have Crated By Guest Posting

Some time it happens that where you have submitted your post as a guest post in return of a backlink the owner of the blog removes the backlink or make it as nofollow without your permission.Take care of your submitted articles demand about your removed dofollow backlink or ask the blog owner to remove your post.

Start Guest Posting With A Plan

Guest posting is the best practice for getting traffic and backlinks but make sure that you guest post on blogs which have good pr and good alexa ranking.The more high reputation the blog has the more benefit you will get.
You can follow this chart for calculating that how much links do you need for getting high page rank.

Website's PageRank Impact
PR 0.0 50 and above links required to earn a PR1 or PR0.
PR 1.0 About 5-10 links from this blog Can Earn you a PR 1.0
PR 2.0 One Link can Earn you PR1
Greater than 5 Links Can earn you PR2
PR 3.0 One Link can Earn you PR 1 or PR2
Greater than 5 Links Can earn you PR2
PR 4.0 One link can earn you PR2
5 Links Will Earn you PR3
15 and above links will Earn you PR4
PR 5.0 One Link can earn you PR2 or PR3, Not sure about PR5 and PR6
PR 6.0 One Link can earn you PR3
Two Links PR4
Not sure about PR5 and PR6


Remove links from Low Authority Sites

Usually bloggers make tons of low quality links towards their sites for the sake of getting alexa site links or for getting traffic they can help you in a way but at the time of algorithm update they majorly effect your ranking this can cause drop in your pr or no increase in it so take care of them and remove them if you have any low quality links towards your site.You can use Google Disavow links Tool to remove unwanted links.

Conclusions > > >

Once again I will ask that a blogger should not ran after the page rank you should be worry about alexa ranking and social ranking.Give more value to your reader ship take major steps o increase your daily subscribers.Success is always long term do not take short cuts.Do  not pay attention to your revenue in your first year of blogging.Every thing will be alright if you keep following the pro tips included in this post and in the coming posts on Blogging-Heaven.