5 income resources myths to avoid as a entrepreneur
Blogging is a such a thing that everybody started it for the sake of money and then get addicted to it and want to help the newbies for free when mastered the techniques.As a established blogger we have many opportunities to become rich over night but in that case sometimes we have to pay double then we earned in copyright cases and something like that.In the presence of internet giant Google we have to follow every single policy of Google to keep our record clean while earning a decent amount of money but every person have a greed of money which can never be fulfilled.So today I am here to tell some spam income sources through which you can earn but they can harm you in a long term.Every person also wants to be famous while blogging and wants to be known as a blogger in the industry and this is only possible if he follow the quality guidelines of pro bloggers or seniors like me and do whatever he wants to do on his blog while wearing white hat.

1:Url Shortener Service That Pays You

Blogging is all about authority and reputation and thus blog is a platform where visitors return often so you have to provide them such user experience and service that they do not feel irritate while surfing or reading your content.Most of bloggers out there starts blogging in the greed of money so they use different tactics some of them are good and benefit them but some of them can harm their blog in a long term.One of them is a service provided by different websites there are hundreds of like them in market that you give them a link and they give you a shorter link and when visitors click on that link they give you some cents in return of one click but on the other side they put their different ads in between your content and your visitors sometimes there are even porn ads and you lost your reputation,best user experience,your ranking,your bounce rate and imagine how much loss you are gaining day by day and after couple of months you will be completely finished with nothing in your hands.Money is not everything I was planing to do such kind of post but I was experimenting about this on one of my other blog and all I got is loss.So my recommendation is not to go for this scam. 

2:Pay per post

I often receive such emails that write a post or I can give you a written post and you just have to put a backlink in the post body  and if I ask about the backlink that where it will be redirected they always say our great poker app and they are willing to pay me $100-$150 and my answer is always no because this thing is against serp policy and can harm me in a very dangerous way.Keep in mind that before linking to anywhere you must now where I am linking either it is trustworthy or not because if you are giving away a backlink you have no control on it the owner can change the link example he can place any other spam page on the same link or any other thing like that so always when you are giving away a backlink make sure the other side is trustworthy or not. 

3:Selling pages

Once You are established you will receive certain requests like that because there are hundreds of new brands and companies coming every day in the market and they will do anything to become popular in leaps and bounds but this does not always happen.They will ask you to give one of your website page permanent or for some time,month,week to them and promote them for certain time even if they are bad in their service and we will give you a decent amount of $200 - $400.If something is not being in quality and worth using I will not recommend it to someone else.So plz be aware from such parties and your visitors will also don't like if something is not in quality and you are recommending it to them and for my Muslim brothers this kind of activity is Haram in Islam so plz be safe.

4:Pop Ups and Sliding Ads

If you please scroll back to the first point because this is similar to that kind because you have to save your reputation,user experience because blog is a place where visitors return.There are many of websites which give you a short html code to place on your website/blog and when a visitor landed on your webpage there are plenty of pop up ads usually 2-3 scrolling all over and sliding from footer or header yuck! they are so irritating.You can earn a nice amount of money but you loses a lot of your reputation.

5:Link Sale

You have heard a lot of times about link selling,paid links and similar things.I have even seen well established bloggers selling links for the sake of money when the pr update is near and most of the time there customers are newbie bloggers because they are not aware of the danger they have to face in the future.Waste of the money and penalized by Uncle Google :D.So don't even think of doing such thing because you have to prosper in the field of blogging and make your name in it and will also guide other newbies coming in the future. Peace and stay blessed :)


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