Hello Everybody I hope you are all fine I am doing some amazing experiments and from those experiments and experience I have learned many new things about managing a blog either it is new or old or just hit by a algorithm update.Today I will be telling you some core  & well applied techniques which will help you in a long term with my money back warranty Yeah !.I am 200% confident about my experiment and my experience.Every body is always looking for some new techniques to apply on their blog and get most out of it in this great era of competition.Today we will talk about give away hosting,how we can properly host a give away,how to get sponsor for your give away and how a give away can be very much effective to pump up your serp position.

What Does Really Meant By Give Away In Blogging ?

Planing a give away for your blog is the crucial part most of us got confused that what should we give away on our blog but keep in mind that always give away according to your blog niche or according to some special event like recently we give away t-shirts for Pakistan Independence Day.If you have a normal blog about seo or web page optimization you should always go for hosting accounts or domain give away and you can also go for some cash prize.

How A Give Away Can Boast Your Serp Ranking ?

There are many things to understand in a give away because there are lots of options available to you for entries and they will also benefit you.The most important options are Above

1:Tweet this.
2:Like our Facebook page.
3:Subscribe by email.
4:Comment on this post.
5:Follow on Twitter.
6:+1 this on Google+
7:Share this on Facebook.
8:Share this on Google+.

There are lot more options but these are the best and enough for your blog to get a well known reputation in just over a night.Now I will tell you about some of benefits of some of these options that how they can boast your serp reputation.I think there is no need to define them briefly you understood that what favour that can give to your blog.

Tweet This

When some one click on this option the software you are using will ask the participant to tweet this post there will be a tweet this button set by you while designing the give away.You can also put some #hastags and small text with the url your post will be shared with all the followers of that person which has just tweeted your give away post and hence your post will get a sudden wave of traffic which includes new participants,new subscribers,new readers and of course a chance of an affiliate sale if you are using any affiliate program.170 million tweets are tweeted every day from other websites to their twitter account.

Like Our Facebook Page

You will be shocked to hear that facebook receives 2.7 billion likes every single day it is just a matter of click and the page added in your favourite list and you will receive future updates from that page.You can now also see insights from your facebook page that how your post is going and how many people have watched it this can surely improve your way of posting and attracting people towards your fan page.

Subscribe By Email

There are lots more expensive techniques and programs which will surely enhance your email subscriptions but if there is a free way then who wants to spend even a single buck.When ever your blog is updated feed burner or whatever software you are using send an automated email to all of your subscribers so they get notified that there favourite blog is updated.

+1 On Google+

I strongly recommend all of you to add a +1 button to your blog because Google+ is a traffic machine and it works great for me the post that is published and is shared with regarding heading and some of description on your google+ Profile that post will be indexed faster in google serp than any of your existing post and you can check this by your self.Take a look at how I share my posts on Google+.

When Is The Best Time To Host A Give Away ?

Before hosting any give away ask your self about why you are hosting this give away.Do you want to reward your readers,Celebrating your first anniversary,enhancing your marketing campaign or just for the sake of backlinks this will clear many thing in your mind if you think straight the main purpose of hosting a give away.According to me the best time is your blog's anniversary or any special event because that is the best time when you can get most out of your give away.

How To Get Sponsors For Your Give Away ?

The first thing you have to keep in mind that,is your blog worth,I mean is it so much attractive or well known in the market so that the company shall sponsor you without any hesitation.If you have good pr,decent alexa rank and Social and feed subscribers.It depends on your readers. What they are looking for. You can contact that website companies to organize give away. Just pitch them a strong email with your blog details, ranking, reputation and tell them benefits of organizing give away on your blog.

Make Your Give Away Simple According To The Value Of The Prize

Make your give away simple and user friendly and make your entry system easily accessible at least one entry to every one e.g like our facebook page and he enters into the give away.Not like  12 entries for that and 10 entries for that,people will not like give away they become a lot more likely to just move on.It is your blog you have full rights what ever you want to do but you have to make it so simple and catchy to earn more entries.Don't ask your participants to do a heavy job like write a 2000 word post and get a chance to win 5$ no one will attract this way but if you have an awesome prize like 20$ or something like that than a good writer can think of writing a great post for your blog.

Conclusions > > >

I know you will ask me that I have not talked about serp very well but I have cleared the misconception from your mind.Now next time when you are hosting a give away keep in mind to promote your give away,Avoid spam,use best give away system to track your entries not manually it sucks. Till then stay blessed and happy blogging !


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