10 Mistakes to avoid as a blogger to save your blogblog from burnout
Many of bloggers and my friends usually asks me that they are posting unique and qualitative content but not ranking well in serp.I can explain you with an example that if you are driving your car without proper engine oil or with no water in your car's radiator imagine what would happen you can lost your car's engine and you have to spend lot's of money to bring it again on running position.Blogging is same like this you have to take care of many aspects to keep your blog in good and running position.These days there are lot's of discussion on different forums about traffic drop world wide and Google is still denying to ask anything about this situation yesterday Blogger was down for several hours
and Blogging Heaven's traffic was also down by 40% since 21 august but today we are seeing some increase in it from the last night and I think things are again going normal.Problem is that we have to rely on Google because most of traffic is received  from Google serp so in coming days I will be publishing a post about how to Drive traffic from other search engines because in future more worse situation can happen so we have to get ready for that."We are positing unique and quality content have many things better than any other blog but still not receiving the result we deserve" that is the question I usually face from my visitors so here I am today with my thoughts and experience and I hope this will help you in a long term and you will get what you deserve.

1:Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing was a technique that was used in late 2005 to get high ranking in serp but keywords which are used for ranking does not even match with the blog niche and thus it was declared illegal according to Google policy and I have seen many of blogger's using this technique still today and they don't know how much harmful it can be and even if they publishing quality and unique content they left behind because of this mistake so I recommend that do not never ever use this technique.I have seen some blogs using same keywords again and again in labels like blogger tips, blogger tricks, blogger plugins this can also be harmful according to Google.Be genuine  and you will be on top by avoiding this harmful and unknown mistake.

2:Image Optimization

Even when I have started blogging in 2011 for at least 1 year I have never optimized images and I came to know in the  end that I was in great loss.Search engines totally work on Keywords,search engine will show the best and quality results related to the keywords used by the searcher and images also have their best role in it.always rename the post image with best keywords according to your post title or similar and they can play a vital role in ranking your blog.

3:Confusing Headlines

Blog is a place where people often return so should make atmosphere user friendly and easily understandable rather than long and confusing headlines which visitor see and leave your blog finding no interest in it "First impression is the last impression".So you have to make your first impression as good as you can make to force that visitor to subscribe or come back to your blog in future.You should not use stylish designs for your post title use simple design and font so that visitor's fall into your post.Some of the best examples of  best headings are.

4:Creating Awkward Permalinks

As I said above search engines work on keywords basis so you shall keep your post and blog updated with proper keywords so when a visitor searchers for anything on Google the query matches your blog keywords.Always make your permalinks matching to your post title and topic I will explain this all with some of great examples so you can understand it properly.

Bad Examples

  • http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/67803729243743?
  • http://www.target.com/?f=q&hl=en&q=98115&ie=UTF8&z=

Good Examples

  • http://www.blogging-heaven.com/save-your-blog-from-burnout
  • http://www.blogging-heaven.com/2013/09/10/Mistakes to avoid to save your blog from burnout/

5:No Engagement With Your Readers

Always remember that visitors are your everything so you shall treat them nicely and answer their every single question with peace and humble.Some times Even I feel uncomfortable when I receive lot's of questions some of them are silly one but keep in mind that drop by drop makes a sea and drop by drop you can lose all of your collected water.So give every visitor and subscriber equal importance cause because of them your blog is established today.Engage with your readers in between posts,question them,challenge them,give them any task and ask them to subscribe and comment on your post with their precious thoughts from their precious time.I always do this in between the posts and at the end of every post.

6:No publishing frequency

If you have no post publishing frequency then you are in a great danger make such a schedule and impression on your subscribers that they surely can say that today is the day when the new post will come they already new the date of your new post you haven't published yet.If you are kind of a busy person like me then at least you must publish 3 posts a month like me and this shall be enough for your blog if they contain quality and uniqueness.It takes approx 5-6 days to write a post like this and if you are keeping in mind all the aspect of quality and quantity you will be the winner but don't worry quantity does not matter a lot these days.

7:Never Linking To Influential Bloggers

Not always but some times it is a good practise to link to a influential blogger in your post and bring him in the conversation this will surely give you authority and respect as well.You can read a old post by me on this topic that how influential bloggers can help you  in a log term.

If you are not linking to your old posts it does not mean search engines forget them but search engines will only  respect those posts having still quality and useful information because techniques are changing day by day so it is your duty to link your old posts with proper keywords in your new posts and refurbish your old posts.You can read above post for more information.

9:No Activity On Social Media

All of you know that social media has now became the backbone of  search engine optimization so while using it efficiently we can get most out of it.If you cannot give proper time to your social pages like marketing and getting more followers no problem but at least keep engaged with your old followers and share your blog posts on all of your social pages like twitter,linkedin,facebook,google+ at least this will give you reputation and exposure for your blog.

10:Publishing Already published Topics

This is the biggest mistake every blogger make in start even I have done this I was just copy pasting articles from other blogs and when now I think about past I laugh a lot.In the mean time Search engines became more strict while ranking websites they will not rank you well if you are discussion about the same topic again and again bring some new techniques,make new experiments,Be focused with your niche,Keep searching,Get over your facebook addiction and pay attention on your blog  to make it prosper and well established.Get over spinning articles or anything like that.

Author's Desk > > >

I make a new post approximately every 10 days the frequency is not good at all but it works for me.Publishing new ideas and posting quality content daily is impossible in 2013 I don't agree with bloggers which say publish a post daily,blogs which publish posts daily please take a look at number of guest author's or publishers they have they are huge it is impossible for the single person.So keep focus on this article and I am 120% sure that if you follow this single article you can be successful I write all the articles on my blog with this great hope that it can help any one out their who want' to learn.Feel free to contact me anytime in any problem you have in blogging I will be always there to help you.Drop your precious thoughts in the comment box below from your precious time because this means to me a lot.

  • Am I wrong at any point ?
  • Do you have any new technique to share with us ? we are always in search for people having new ideas to share with the whole world.
  • Do you love this blog and efforts that we made to make it prosper ?
Till then peace,stay blessed and happy blogging :)


  1. Thank you for sharing such valuable information, Tayyab. I never knew that images could be optimized. Since my blog is full of them, and I have great feedback from my audience about my images, I'm excited to make the most of them. I will be following up on this tip to learn how to do it. In the meantime, I'm working on connecting to influential bloggers, as you've suggested, but this is proving to be a challenging learning curve. I keep persevering and priceless articles like yours are very helpful.