Most of you out there will be hiring a crappy seo because of the recent Google traffic outage but including me and most of my blogging buddies there is a huge traffic loss in the past month and Google will never accept that what they are doing,are they playing with their algorithm there are 2 or 3 little algorithm updates last month but if we follow rules of seo and keep updating them on our blog's then Google has no Choice rather than to rank us well in serp.If a blogger asks that he is master and perfect in it then he is the biggest loser of all time seo & blogging is such a thing that every day their is something new to learn and some new experiments to be done.I was also not paying any attention to my blog these days cause I am busy in my studies and I have a business as well so after the loss I have done some experiments to deal with search engines and learned some new things from my senior bloggers and now I will provide you the merged information about the most dangerous seo mistakes and some new techniques to drive traffic from other search engines.Today's article include following points.

  • 5 Important & dangerous seo mistakes to avoid.
  • How to get off Google and find other ways to drive targeted traffic. 

5 Important & Dangerous Seo Mistakes To Avoid

1:Ads, Ads, Affiliates Every where 

Things have been changed in the mean time those days are gone when Google love those sites promoting products for their visitors and using repeated keywords.According to Google this pays 0% value to Google but to your readers and such posts in which you are promoting affiliate products you must noindex these posts from search engines.Google rarely sends traffic to such kind of blogs which most of time share affiliate products.I am not saying that you do not use affiliates but you must noindex those pages or posts from Google while share it with your readers. 
                                                     Putting lot's of ads on a single page can also harm your serp ranking either they are from any ad network or from your manual ad sale there should be not more then 3 ads on a single page in case you want to come up from the front.

2: Having Bunch Of Crapy Posts

It's not my story it happens with all the bloggers when they start their blogging carrier and time by time their skills go better even I have never asked that I am a pro blogger I learn new things every day and on this topic my recommendation is that you must review all of your posts at least every 3 months so you can delete or noindex your posts having no quality or there are some topics on every blog which expires with time and gain no value at present time you must delete them,redirect them or noindex them so Google has no chance left rather then ranking you up in serp and after doing this you must submit a fresh site map at webmaster tolls and wait to index all of your posts completely by Google.

3:No Call To Actions 

As I said above recently I was not paying full attention to my blog and in return I have to face many loses in shape of loss of traffic and loyal vistors.Even if you have a advertise page or site map then how could a visitor come to know if their is no call to action because most of visitors don't see the menu you must put a attractive call to action if you want more sales or want visitors to visit a specific page this will surely decrease your bounce rate as well and you will get more shares and promotion for your blog.

4: Blogging For Money

I have also earned a handsome amount of money in return of publishing 2,3 posts in which I have no interest but at that time I was not paying attention on this scenario.Those posts now have been deleted and in future I have decided never to post something in greed of money because search engines do not like blog working for money but not for visitors.In a month of 30 days I receive daily a request for post and the sender wants to publish a post with a back link within the post body and even they offer up to $100 but who cares about money now.I love my readers and will surely work for them onwards.

5:No Introduction About You and Your Blog

I have recently added a short introduction about me and my experience in blogging on the right sidebar of my blog and I bet you will also see a massive increase in your followers and subscribers of your blog after you add a short description about you on your blog.People now days love to read about new bloggers and making new blogging friends which can help them in any possible way.Add a short description on home page usually on the side bar and then redirect the visitor by hyperlink to another page where you have a brief intro about you.

How to get off Google and find other ways to drive targeted traffic ?

In coming days who knows how difficult will be the situations for getting traffic and visitors and number of blogs are also increasing day by day so we should create a backup source incase something goes wrong so we have not to worry at that time to much.No,1 priority of every blogger should be to create a new source of traffic rather then Google and it's Yahoo and Bing.Couple of months ago an article come's in front of my eyes while surfing on the web and that article is on about how to get traffic from yahoo and even Darren Rowse was not sure what he was telling he has just asked to give a try to it although it is an old article from 2005 but it still works.Submit your rss feed url to MyYahoo page Yahoo adds them to its own tracking system which must be linked to their indexing system and after adding rss feed I start receiving a little bit push from Yahoo and I was really amazed to see now you can also try. As Darren Rowse Said  "No guarantees but Its worth a try if you’re looking for more traffic on your blog (and who isn’t).".You can see the image below

You should also give some attention for creating your email list because when no one is with you your email list can save your blog from drowning so this could be a major helper at that time for you and do every single work on your blog with a solid purpose so it could be helpful for you blog in future.

Conclusion > > >

What ever I post there is a solid reason behind every post I publish and after lot's of experiments and by doing discussion with my senior blogger then I came in a position to post something value able.I hope you will like this worth reading article share with your friends and blogging buddies it will really help them pointing out their mistakes.

  • Is there any difficulty while understanding any point ?
  • Am I wrong at any point ?
  • Do you know some thing value able and want to share with our readers fell free to email us or comment down below.
  • Take some time and drop a precious comment cause are waiting for your comments anxiously and comments are more then welcome on this blog.
Till then stay blessed and happy blogging :)


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