I am busy these days a lot even I have failed to manage any time to write a post for my readers since 15 days approx.8 hours ago I received a tweet from +Matt Cutts on my twitter that "Penguin is launching today " and I was really amazed to see that what the heck is Google doing launching Major search updates again and again in a month they does the same in August by launching two panda updates in a single month and then 90% Google traffic out age then they came up with another Google animal Humming bird Last week.The major goal of Google search team is to clean their search results and show the visitors the high quality content all the time by ranking their sites good in serp so they have launched today the Penguin 2.1 "another step top reward high quality sites".

This algorithm update is for all the languages at the same time;this algorithm update effected ~3.1% English queries to obvious manner which a normal user can notice.~3% Search queries are effected in other languages e-g Arabic,Chinese and German and mostly for highly spammed Languages.

Noticeable Things To Avoid For Getting Safe From Algorithm  

  • Low Quality Content or Less content; in the past search engines are happy just from a 300 word post but now you must have to right at least 1000 word post to satisfy search engines and your readers as well.
  • Duplicate Content you must avoid creating duplicate content even in   between your own  site for the sake of getting noticeable in search.
  • Purchasing links if you are buying inbound links from any other site articles the you will be the next victim of penguin punch and remember this is a black hat seo technique and people had now given up with this.
  • Ads,Ads,Ads as I described in my last post that Google wants you to right for people not fro search bots then you will be ranked well in Google.If you are placing lot's of affiliate links or ad sots on your site then you have no space in Google high serp try to put as less ads on your site as you can.

Some Of My Previous Posts That Can Help You In This Case 


Conclusions  > > > 
The Thing I know is that you have to work hard to get noticeable in front of the people the position on which I am right now there is a lot of hard work and dedication behind thus in result I got this position in the blogging community.So behind every successful person there is a lot of hard work and I recommend you to do hard work no matter from which field you are you will gain success. Peace & stay blessed 


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