It's October and in U.S it's National Cyber Security Awareness Month.I know I am too late to tell that because half of the month is already passed but believe me I am so much busy these days and I am also losing some of my blog's traffic so obeying my duty I will be telling you some of the basics and professional tips which I use and Google recommend them as well to stay safe online and Google is also posting some of them at their Google official Twitter Profile.You can also give a look because 90% of this article depends upon those Google tweets and I will briefly describe them for my blog readers.As the time pass by most of the online readers and people who use internet often are well aware from spam emails and many of internet frauds which have a huge impact in the past on newbie internet users because still now we often receive emails asking for personal information in return of huge cash prize and one thing that I know is that making money through internet is not a easy job you have to work really really hard.

Keep Your Information Save 

Every time when some body is hacked or his information is compromised this all happens just because of his own foolishness.It is our responsibility to create a strong password and keep your password in a safe place that cannot be seen easily.In this era of Information when every body knows about computers and internet still there are some people which are attacked by phishing so this is the main reason of this post to tell all the newbies out their because every body is not pro here.

Add 2 Step Verification To Your Online Account

Now almost every social networking site,email accounts,bank accounts and any type of service which is well established now provide a 2 step login verification system which can protect your account by 95% because every time you login from any unregistered device the auto system sends an sms to the account owner with a short code to enter on the next screen so it is must recommended by experts that every body should use login verification system in order to protect his/her account.

Flag Inappropriate Content On The Internet

As a professional It is my duty to flag any kind of inappropriate content to that website owner or Google which is not suitable for internet users or for a common person to protect their assets. Every single website on the internet have a flag this content option on it so if you find any thing wrong then you must flag it as spam so others cannot be victimized.

You Are Enough Intellegent To Recognize Any Scam Of $1000000 Lottery

Internet can be a great place but not everybody has the same luck or same intentions you cannot make that much by just sitting at home it's a simple logic but still some got caught in this joke and lost their valuable information or money.There is a simple logic that think before your every single click while you are on the internet and do not provide your any type of personal information like bank account number or anything like that the simple solution of these kind of emails are just click them as spam then Google knows and the email owner knows if they receive so many spam alerts against a single email.

Do Your Research  

There are thousands of online stores on the internet and there are also scam sites in between them so be aware of any low price store then actual price.Do your research before buying anything on the internet get a quote from your friends or any body else who used the same service before.

Use Google Chrome For Enhanced Browsing

Trust me I am not promoting Google product.This is called professionalism,that to promote everything that you like and worth using and you want people to use it as well.Google chrome comes with it's own default security options every time you open a malicious page Chrome warns you about the specific page and tell you that it's not safe to visit the specific page and there are also many more exciting features than any other browser does not have including less crash and fast browsing.

Use Public Computers Efficiently 

Every body reading this article including me we often use public computers to perform any of our important work in case our home internet is not working or we are away from our home so it is on us how we use them so that our work is also done and we have also not left any loop hole so that our information is compromised.Always log out of your accounts while you finish using public computers.

  • Use on screen keyboard to type passwords.
  • Always remove web history while you finish your work.
  • Do not add public computers as your trusted devices in your accounts.
  • Remove cookies,Browser Cache and reset it to default while leaving any public pc.

Password Protect Your All Devices

In this era of technology when every body has tablet pc's,Smartphones,Laptop or any other pc device you should must password protect them because if some how some body have access to your device then they have to deal with the password first.I am not saying that it is impossible to crack any password but it takes time and in that mean time you should find the thief and protect your important assets because your information is more important then your expensive devices and every body knows that data is more expensive then any device in the world.Once it is gone then it never comes back completely.

Get Backup Of Your Data Every Week

It's a good habit to ensure full safety of your data as I said above that data is more expensive then anything so you should take back up of your important data every week because a stolen or crashed device does not have to mean with the lost data.You should save the backup files or data either on any online service or any removable device which you have placed at a secure place but my recommendation is to store online because there are 100's of online cloud storage offering cheap rates.

Conclusions > > >
The sole purpose of this article was to ensure the good habits of protecting your data online and specially for the newbies which just start using computers online. All rights reserved To Google inc.I have just describes them as briefly as I can.

You can read more at Google Official Twitter Profile


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