My country Pakistan is full of genius people and the whole world knows that.From youngest It specialist to youngest developers there is a lot of talent around here according to the statement of Odesk " There are about 55% of Pakistanis on their platform to work on different big and small projects.The biggest problem here is that a talent is not groomed from any side either from government or by the people and thus in result we have lost so many genius brains.Coming towards today's topic, It's been approx a year that youtube is banned in Pakistan because of the video against our beloved Propeht Muhammad(PBUH). It is true that youtube is a great resource and it's been a challenge to live without it.So a young boy Arslan Hassan from Sialkot aimed to build his own empire named are always been difficulties in this era of competition to come up with something new and innovative that everybody loves.It's not easy to migrate Youtube users to in a short time but Arslan Hassan and remaining team done a well done job.This is also true that Youtube is a giant and competing it is not an easy task but all the pakistanis supporting him and he is making his own efforts to make services more better and one day Inshalla we will takeover Youtube.So today we have arranged a short interview with Arslan Hassan CEO/Founder of so we can get the secrets behind the success of will help the young and beginner developers and they will be more passionate about their work and their country Pakistan.

Some Thing About is a quite similar site like Youtube but not have double policies :) domain name was registered in late 2007 but from the past 1 year it's popularity is increasing day by have 2,215 Global Rank and is 18th most popular site in Pakistan.It is also popular in India,United States,United Kingdon & Saudi Arabia and is receiving 1 Million visitors daily now.The website was started from Sialkot and now shifted to Lahore.

About Arslan Hassan

He is a normal guy like us but with a genius brain.He completed his Matriculation from Allama Iqbal high School In Sialkot and completed his Inter From Punjab College sialkot.He just started his carrier in 3d-modelling in sake to earn some money online and then he want to create a website to sale 3d-models online and then he created a php website and then he never looked back in 3d-modelling and started coding for and this is the real dream.

1:Hey thanks by giving us your precious time for a short interview.How are you and what you are upto these days ?

Hi Guys, I am doing great and loving the response we are getting from all around the world. We are working on many areas related to as well as ClipBucket so just keeping myself busy.

2:I think It might be your first interview on such a big platform what are your feelings ?

Interviews are always good, it let you express your views and story behind the idea so I am feeling great.Loving the support I am getting more then my expectation.

3: What is your qualification plz tell us something about ?

I believe on self-learning and my ‘typical’ education is limited to College which was “Punjab College”, rest is my own learning and practice.

4: How does you get into this field of Developing tell us your Brief story ?

I was interested in 3d-Modeling and I realized its good to have my own website for selling 3d models so I started PHP Development, it took me 3 days to learn and setup the whole website and then I never went back to 3d Modeling. 

5: whose  Idea was this ? Do you worried While Starting the project?

I wanted to make my own Social portal with Videos back in 2007 when there was no Facebook or Youtube popular in Pakistan but due to lack of resources and experience of running website on large scale, We never able to achieve our goals. But this time, after youtube ban, we were all set without any `worries`.

6:Is is NTN registered and if it is registered do you face any challenges from Gov side ? is a product of Integrated Units and we are soon going to turn into to a Company, so far we have no issue with the Gov side, in-fact we want to help them and give them idea that we can have our own platforms.

7:How do you monetize ?

From advertisements of different ad companies other than Google and Mostly from UK and US.As adsense policies is very strict for Asian websites so we are good with manual advertisements.

8:Any Developer or any it related person you are impressed with ?

Julian Assange and KIM Dotcom.

Me: Yes of course they have played a vital role in changing the things as they were going.I am also a big fan of Kim Dotcom, He was the founder of Megaupload which is banned now, which really changed the file hosting world :)

9: Can you plz tell some online success tips to our young readers ?    
  1. Success is not a magical trick, it takes time and years of Hard work just  keep your focus on your aims and targets.    
  2.  Work hard, choose 1 field, Master it, conquer it.   
  3.   Always set your aims higher.
  4.   Listen, think and ACT.
10:Where do you see in near future do you want to overcome Youtube ? What are your plans ?

Youtube is a giant and I am glad that people of Pakistan (may be on small scale) thinking as an alternative. We are working on new features and trying to make ourself good enough so that we don’t need youtube ban to be on top, we will but with our own goodwill.

11:Can you plz tell us about your office if you have so young developers can visit there and learn more about ?

Our office is on M.M.Alam road Lahore and we always welcome young developers and students who wants to know more about and things work.In-fact we are Open on Saturdays just to have public meetings.

12: A small quote for Blogging-heaven ?

You guys are doing really good job.I am really impressed by your previous work you have really nice writting skills .Looking forward to see you in top 10 blogs of Pakistan.

Me: Thanks Arslan for your precious time 

Arslan : Thanks


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