Google Inc.'s head of spam, Matt Cutts has said that mobile are gaining more prominence – much faster than anyone could ever imagine. He further added that though tons of tech-savvy people are attending the seminar, but then it is very likely for them to get surprised by the pace with which mobile is growing.So, if you're still lagging behind in this regard, then instead of pressing the panic button, you may use the below discussed mobile ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO) tips in order to catch up with the others.  

1. Study about ‘mobile marketing’.

Books can be a great resource for an ever-evolving field like mobile marketing. However, given their inherent nature, books can quickly turn out as outdated. Still, you may take advantage of them since there are a number of leading published resources you can start with.

For example, Jason Spero’s ‘Google’s Mobile Playbook’, Rachel Pasqua and Noah Elkin’s ‘Mobile Marketing an Hour a Day’ are considered to be one of the best amongst various other Internet marketing-based books. These digital marketing experts help out businesses in developing customized mobile marketing programs that is practically helpful even for the beginners.

2. Know your mobile visitors.

You’ll find a lot of information in Google’s Keyword Planner. This is a mobile keyword research guide. Many like you configure their mobile website when working on mobile SEO. In other words, they work on developing a dedicated mobile website that is both adaptive as well as responsive.

Still, they need to figure out the demands from their users to come up with a viable product. So, to get an edge over your peers and competitors, you must have an in-depth understanding of your mobile searchers’ demand and fulfill that through your content.

3. Develop mobile content for the mobile searchers.

When you’ve understood your mobile searchers, then its time for you to decide on a particular strategy to get a proper direction regarding mobile website configuration. Are your searchers looking for news, information or a blog to get solutions for their problems or to fulfill their needs? The trick here is to get responsive with your mobile SEO plan.

However, if your audience is more complex that sources information through different queries on different devices with varying frequencies, then your mobile website must have dynamic or dedicated URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) for better market penetration.

4. Set aside a budget for mobile SEO.

In order to make the mobile SEO plan a success, it is important for you to set aside a definite budget for the same. Here, everything depends on the kind of organization that you run and the type of agency or digital marketing consultant you’re planning to work with.

Still, for a good mobile SEO experience, you may do a lot on your own with no added cost at all. In case, you need prior consent from your business administrators, then do so in advance before it gets too late.  

Conclusions > > >

Lastly, you must check out with the Google Webmaster Tools and run mobile crawl errors report to discover any sort of bug in the mobile website. This should be done regardless of your mobile website having adaptive, dedicated or responsive URLs and run them on smartphones and feature phones.

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