10 ways to get traffic for your blog in 2014
Since the 2014 came up there are lot's of changes poped up in the blogging industry as well as search engines regarding to traffic,algorithm etc. Everyone does not have a huge budget to advertise his business/website. Even if we have a budget this does not means that we have to forget about the free resources to get traffic, both have their own importance and everybody loves free stuff.Your website either it is a blog or a online store totally depends upon the traffic because the more traffic the more exposure you will get and thus in result you will get more sales and money is the main reason of your online business. Most of newbies does not know about how to get free traffic and ton's of traffic without spending even a single penny.So today I will be disclosing some of the new tips and some old but well explained tips to get free traffic for your blog in such a era of competition. This does not mean that it is so easy as I am explaining but you have to do lot's of hard work to get free stuff. In my next post I will tell you some awesome ways to spend your money in the right way to get paid traffic. Free traffic is no doubt comes slowly but it helps you in long term.

1: Search Engine Optimization

Seo, every good blogger is aware of this word and it's techniques but some have good grip on it like one of my friend +Salman Baig & they are researching more and more on it and some are just passing there time with the old one they knew about. In this era of competition you must have to search new technique to get in the competition. You have to discover best places to put keywords and best time to use them to get most out of it. Seo it self is a wide range topic and it cannot be completed in 2,3 or 4 posts it takes so much time to understand and to properly implement on your blog. You can visit the links given below to read the basics of Good seo or you can consult +Salman Baig for any kind of consultancy.

2 : Viral Marketing 

Viral marketing means getting traffic/exposure totally from social media I think it is the best and very first method to get traffic. You should very firstly make social media profiles for your website/blog. Share your posts either they are new or old keep sharing them on your social media profiles and where you find any discussion regarding your post. Build a strategy to get more likes,shares,tweets & comments and be active on your profiles and like other pages to get involved. Must attach social plugins to your blog so that every body can share your content and in result of more shares you will get targeted exposure.

3: Giveaways 

In order to get some output you always have to input something. In means of money or hard work but we are talking about money here. Giveaways are always best way to pull out new visitors and some of them becomes your permanent readers in future. I also manage giveaways on special events because this is the best chance to attract visitors. Try to manage giveaways regarding to your niche or what your visitors like. Attach a pole on your side bar as I have done on my very first giveaway because I was confused about what to giveaway, any ways this is also a good technique to attract more traffic. Go for hosting & domain names because people always like free stuff like this which can help them in long term.

4: Forum Posting 

Recently +Matt Cutts  asked about forum posting that this is not a good practise because in past couple of years there are plenty of forums came out with strange names. I mean if you only read the name you cannot tell that which particular niche that forum is focusing on.

                                                                  If you are a newbie you can go for it for a short period of time in order to get some links and some decent traffic but do not plan or go for forum posting regularly or make it a daily practise because there are lot's of copy cats on these types of platforms and might steal your content and they can be harmful to you without any doubt.

5: Videos 

 In this section I will give you an Idea that I was Planning to do since a long time but failed due to my busy schedule and I Hardly wrote this post after a month and you can't believe it took me a week to write this post. Videos are great way to get attraction and to get more visitors. You can upload any type of tutorial on Youtube by giving credits to your blog or by giving any link regarding that post.

  • The Idea 
The Idea that came into my mind couple of months ago is when you publish a new post before publishing it you have to make a video approx 10- 15 seconds. In this video you will tell about the post and the main reason behind that post to be published with your voice or any type of music & give the link of that specific post in the description. Ask for subscription this will help you double sided, by subscription you will get permanent subscribers because everybody loves videos. You can also make a funny or thanks video in a month to keep your subscribers happy because of high ranking of Youtube your post will be indexed faster then before and you will also get high ranking as well. :)

6: Joint Ventures 

By getting together with someone else in your niche or any popular brand will benefit you a lot. You will get attracted,will be popular and people will talk about your blog a lot and because of this you will also get high ranking. Simple example is this blog when back in 2013 in January we announced software partnership with chatwing and believe me this helped me a lot for getting attention of the people.

7: Blog Commenting 

This is the oldest,Best,comprehensive & fastest way to get loads of traffic. These days when every 5 blogs out of 10 are on WordPress and using Comluv plugin then you have to take full benefit from them and keep commenting on them whenever you publish a new post. This will create links for your inner pages and will be beneficial for your blog as well. This is one of my favourite free resource :)

8: Regular Posts 

Beings focused and regular is the best way to keep your visitors attached. Posting regularly seems impossible for me but for a free person or a newbie they must post regularly so they can create more links on the web. Target trending topics and don't write about old things write something new and unique which people love to read & share.

9:Guest Posting

There were rumors around that guest posting will be dead soon that is totally rubbish. Guest posting can never be dead but polices on guest posting are getting strict time by time by Google. Google have to make sure that author actually care about the post not about the backlink. So keep guest posting but in more efficient & proper way.

10: Email Marketing 

You can easily get lot's of emails, you already have your subscriber's emails and every week you can send them the recap of your work or topics from your blog which are trending. Make a sales page, Landing page & a thank you page and mix it up in the email you have to send every week and set auto responder for your email subscription service to get attached with your readers.

  • Conclusions > > >
Every body likes free stuff I have not described briefly because if we started briefing here this post will not be enough for this. So I nailed down some important points and how to implement them on your blog. If there is any question it will be more then welcome. Till then stay blessed and congrats on your free traffic. 


  1. Thanks for the mention bro, Really nice tips you've shared. Especially I liked the viral marketing one. One another way I want to add is " Content Marketing " .. You can spread your content all over the web and can drive a huge traffic, A simple example is an infographic.

  2. All of these are excellent methods of generating traffic. They're simple, but they work. The thing that throws a lot of people off, I think, is the amount of work required if they don't have the funds to outsource. All of the tips you shared have worked for me.

    I know a lot of people are discounting guest posting after what Matt Cutts said, but it's really a matter of providing useful, well written content people can actually use. The days of writing and submitting 'just anything' are long gone.

  3. Good post on SEO...But now days Google is updating his Algorithm and it is affecting many website.Which off page task should we apply to achieve the ranking Immediately . Because above mentioned task will not help now like..directory submission ..ect . so please suggest

  4. Blog commenting and guest blogging are the best ways of getting quality backlinks...

    And backlinks are the key to success in SEO after ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION. :)

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