3g technology has arrived to pakistan & an awesome idea for all entrepreneurs of pakistan
It is a said fact that Pakistan is the only country in the south Asia without 3g cellular technology for a while longer. No doubt there no lake of talent in Pakistan and world knows that there are some top freelancers and entrepreneurs in Pakistan  but due to lack of facilities they are unable to come up with some thing impressive regarding to today's demand. There are some awesome mobile app developers which are unable to sell there apps in there hometown just because there is no 3g cellular technology and some of the good apps does not work well on Gsm service and most of people do not use them because of the high cost and they rely on Wifi where ever they find it. So now days news is active that PTA has decided to set up an auction so they can sell three 3g & two 4g license and date is finalized 7th April,2014. As I said that Pakistan is the only country in South Asia without 3g cellular technology but after getting 4g Pakistan will come up in the list of number of lucky countries having 4g technology. The confirmed countries which have 4g cellular technology are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Moldova, Dominicana, Romania, Uk, Belgium, Spain & pakistan as well Inshalla.So the main purpose of this post was that idea that came up to my mind early this morning I will describe it briefly underneath but first we have to know what's the main difference between 3g and 4g cellular technology.

What Is The Difference Between 3g  and 4g ?

  • On technical grounds, 1,900 to 2,100 megahertz (MHz) is the spectrum bandwidth that is most popular for 3G services while 1,800 MHz is for 4G services.
  • 3G services offer higher data transfer rates for internet including browsing, uploading, downloading and live streaming compared to 2G. However, 4G services offer even higher data transfer rates than 3G.
  • Another difference is that 3G provides an improved quality of voice service compared to existing services offered by the 2G network.
  • The main benefit of broadband lies in its ability to deliver basic services to citizens.
The Main Idea For Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan ?

According to my survey every 3nd person in pakistan has a smartphone in his pocket but is unable to avail the full features because Gsm service is to slow and a bit costly and wifi is not available everywhere. After the 3g comes to Pakistan there will be huge increase in the revenue as well as in new jobs. People here in Pakistan have million dollar businesses but don't even have a website. I was in germany 4 years back and believe it people search everything on Google even if they have to buy a can of water they search for the nearest store. You can create understanding in the people to get their business online even Google is offering free submission of your business to google maps & places but people are not listing their business just because the lack of understanding. After the 3g technology people will use there smartphones as they are right to be used. You can even start your campaign now because april is not so far and people having good business and number of customers ask them and tell them the benefit of going online and you can charge some decent amount from them & that's not the end they will need changes with time on their website and on their google maps listing regarding opening times,products and much more. This means they are attached with you & will never gona leave you and both the parties will enjoy the revenue.

If you think that people in your area are not much educated or aware of these things so you can even call them for a 1 hour meetup where you can tell them the real importance and the power of internet. Some of you think that this is not gona work but entrepreneurship is all about this taking risks and creating every single opportunity to earn every single penny.I have seen some of the well established businesses with millions of revenue per month but not a single appearance online. So as a Pakistani this is your responsibility to get people aware with the power of internet because in the coming years this is going to be ultimate madness .

I have started this in my City now it's your turn to change the game .

 " If your Business is not online. Your Business will be out of business "
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  1. this is a great development in pakistan as 3/4g start working