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Facebook Optimization Is More Important Then Seo
First of all hello to all of you and thanks for getting in touch with me through social media and email in last couple of months because I was really busy in my papers and other stuff in life.Kudos to whom which are regular readers and who were in contact with me through my personal email thanks and big applause for you.While coming back to my blog when I was planning o write something there was no such idea in my mind which is new and attractive.In last couple of months seo is losing it's authority because there are lot more things to consider for your website because Google is taking down a new online Giant every week so bloggers have realized that there are much more important things to take care of rather then seo. Now in my book seo comes second and social media optimization comes first. I would love to say facebook optimization because these days we are getting almost half of our traffic and sales through facebook so we have to take care of it carefully and use it wisely so if accidentally you are also penalized then you don't have to worry about much :)

13 Facebook Optimization Tips To Follow This Year

The King

You know what I am talking about, I am talking about the king of social media "Facebook". There are about 1.28 Billion monthly active users from which 255 million check their account  approx 10 times a day.70% internet marketers say that facebook is more important then anything for them because it is making lead generation for them. So that is clear why Mark is one of the wealthiest guy on planet. So you can use it effectively, a platform with such a high user base can give you so much turn out in a shorty period of time.

1:Above The Fold

The content presented just below the header of any webpage is called above the fold and this is the most important area if used properly. You have to put 40% of your data summary above the fold if you want to get most out of it . In facebook in the new designs for pages the above the fold area contains about area and apps area on the left side so this is the 2nd thing that every visitor will going to see. You have to describe as short and sweetly about your blog so every one can understand it easily, then under it it comes the apps area in which you can add tabs of your choice welcome tab, give away tab or any kind of links to any of your pages you can also pin posts to be shown above the fold in facebook for more exposure.

2:Post Daily 

This is the most important thing to keep in mind about posting any type of content on your facebook page because the more efficiently you post the more your fans will be connected towards you. It is recommended to post approx 2 - 3 time a day. Post more and create engagement between you & your fans.

3:Post Between The Best Time 

Facebook is an addiction from which every person on the planet is suffering even if he uses facebook wisely but he can't sleep without using facebook or without checking his notifications but like every website facebook has also some peek hours and downtime. If somehow you are aware of peek hours of any social media site you can get many benefits from it. Most of the sales of e commerce sites are made during 6 - 9Pm because it is the time when everybody gets home and plans for what they want while sitting together. Most  users use portable devices because they are used more in the free time. So you are well aware of what type of fans do you have the best times I recommend is 8 - 10Am  while going to the work most of people use facebook on their phones. 1 - 3Pm it is usually the lunch time worldwide so most of the active users also use facebook while having lunch. 6 - 8Pm as I said above it is mostly free timing and every body loves to use their phones in free time. Also keep in mind that people love to sneak peak on social media and buy things online on weekends so it would be very greatfull  for you if you use good timing of your post and hope you get more sales than before. Try to post more on weekends because people have not much time during the week they just only like & comment but on the weekends they usually love to share. Now it is upon to you how to manage the timing if you have fans from lot's of different countries. 

4:Give Your Post Time To Be Seen 

Posting more does not means that you just start posting new posts on your facebook page time line but does not care what is the feedback and what is the actual reach of the post. At-least give your post 3 - 4 hours to be settle down in the news feed and post approx every 3 hours. Your posts compete with each other for space to be seen in news feed so give some time to your posts to be seen properly. 

5:Q & A

Questions asked on the facebook brings more engagement than anything else. Try to ask questions about the niche of your page ,find your fans interest answer them. Questions starting from "What" or "Would" performs 50% better than open questions asked on facebook.

6:Share Photos

Every body loves photos it's 2014 buddy without photos this world is incomplete and photos when mixed with the content post in facebook post get's 40% higher engagement rate. If you have some skills of photo shop then bring them up and make your efforts to get visual !

7:Know About Your Fans

Every single thing about your facebook fans is located in your page insights know whatever you wana know about your fans. See that what is the time usually when your fans are sharing, commenting & liking your posts and after calculating that post when your fans are online and get most of the attraction and engagement. Why should we post when our fans aren't online.

8:Short & Sweet 

Keep your posts short and sweet to make them attractive and easily shareable most of the users on facebook does not want to click on see more link so keep it short under 70 characters and you can get upto 35% more engagement. Just like twitter has locked us under 140 characters so that's the reason behind more retweets and user engagement than facebook.

9:Extra Topping 

Take advantage of your fan following for your other projects or any other site you have. While posting any new post share your other social profiles any other website fan page you have, give a link in the post footer and this will work for you like icing on cake most of facebook regular users love socializing and they want to see new content.

10:Kill 2 Birds With 1 Stone 

After a month while following all these tips you will see the importance of facebook optimization. Technique of killing two birds with one stone can be very useful on facebook, you can cover more audience than a regular post you have posted before. You can post a link of your old blog post in a new facebook post if the new one is regarding that article or some of it's part is related to it. Run timeline competitions and give-away some prizes. You can give-away full version softwares or premium themes or a domain name a $10 domain name is not a big deal if you want to make a name in industry. Highlights you best posts and keep them on top by sharing them again and again. You can also post on facebook like "These are some articles regarding seo and give links to these posts" or you can share you old posts related to the current situation if there is a algorithm update around , a christmas widget or any thing like that. This can be very helpful to create new fans and attract old audience as well.  

11:Use Emotions For Best Response 

Every Body wants to get more likes & comments on his facebook status/post but they they don't wana make effort without making any effort success is impossible. While you giving response to your fans keep in your mind that keep it short and sweet. Use emotions from the wide range of emotions that facebook have because by using emotions there is 30% increase in shares & comments, almost  65% increase in your post likes according to a survey. Make you response snappy 25% of complainers expect a response within half and hour get your notification system in order to make it more quicker for better exposure.  

12:Give Every Post An Objective

Every single post you have posted it must have a strong objective either you want likes,shares or comments for this post e.g if you have posted a link from your site you will surely want it to be shared again & again , If you have posted a question or any solution of any problem then you will surely want that people comment on it with their feedback so it is upon you to stick on a objective you have arranged for a specific post. Stick to one per post!

13:Use Url Shortener Service For Link Sharing

Make it sure that you must use url shortener service while sharing links on facebook because sometimes facebook automated system put your site url in spam list and it will give a error every time somebody click on the link you provided it may be annoying for many users so use any type of url shortener service so it may not happen. Google also offer url shortener service  Goo.gl which is efficient and will not harm your link authority. Just keep your post neat and tidy.

Conclusions > > >

There are no guarantees with social media, you can go up with what you like and what you think suits your fans the most every one audience is different so you will learn this by time what your audience like the most and what is the direct time when your audience is more engaging. The best rule to social media success is test,analyse, learn and repeat. Till then stay blessed and happy socializing :) 


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