Tata Value Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Housing. The company was established in 2010 to provide affordable housing to the masses.

Till date, Tata Value Homes has constructed residential projects in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. There has been the development of Tata Homes in numerous other areas of the country also. This year, 60% of the total area of Tata Housing under development (approximately 55 million square feet) is being managed by Tata Value Homes.

While the demand is high, the Tata Housing Company has ensured that the values of the Tata brand in general are inculcated in the Tata Value Homes. Therefore the construction of all the projects take into account the ecology of the area under development and conservation of as many resources is done as is possible.

How Do Tata Homes Conserve Ecology?

Environmental degradation is a persistent concern. With the rampant urban development, whatever greenery and environmental resources are in the way of construction are being conveniently destroyed. Builders have no qualms about felling trees and clearing the land of all vegetation to construct homes.

However Tata Homes are not constructed in this way. The Tata Value Homes Company charges all its employees with the responsibility of safety and healthy environmental practices. The company ensures that environment protection is a top priority during the development of the acquired land. It seeks the services of some of the biggest names in the architecture sector from across the world. These firms then set out to design Tata Housing projects which are modern, complete with amenities and environment friendly. These companies also make the best use of available space to provide a balance between constructed features and open spaces. The end results are projects which comprise of accommodations and a considerable amount of open spaces in between.

Tata Value HomesGoing Green

This subsidiary of the Tata Housing Company is a major “proponent of green initiatives” in India. It has in fact brought about the concept of sustainable green development during the very early stages of its inception. Today the idea of green architecture is gaining ground but the credit goes to this relatively new Tata Housing Company. The company best describes its first green initiative. It says- “The Company’s first green development executed under this motto is Xylem, which is also Bengaluru's first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) gold-certified green IT Park. This IT Park has been designed to tackle the 'sick building syndrome,' with its major focus on occupants' health with an ergonomic design and architecture.”

This goes on to show the implementation and subsequent success of green initiatives. One can also be assured that the company has experience in this art. This is the reason why all the Tata Homes can now boast of green architecture. The prime benefits of incorporating these features are that one can witness the energy consumption getting reduced by 20% to 30%. Similarly, the water wastage is reduced by 30% to 50%.  These in turn result in improved air quality, excellent lighting during the day and conservation of scarce natural resources like water.

In Conclusion

Almost all the residentialprojects of Tata Housing boast of green initiatives and environment friendly construction. Such values are inculcated in the work code of the company and therefore there is a considerable sense of responsibility and accountability amongst the employees of Tata Value Homes Ltd.


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