Looking to purchase a new home? We know how nerve-wrecking that can be. So many places to cover, yet so little time to spare. Besides, the apartment you usually find have some or the other issues that take them out of the race to be your haven.
But don’t fret! Help is here in the form of commonfloor.com, a real estate portal. which is sure to make your new home buying experience an absolute breeze.

Not convinced?
Here are 5 awesome reason why you should find your home on commonfloor.
1.     It’s Easier Than Ever
Don’t you love how great online shopping and other such means are? Find a product you love, buy them in a span of minutes. Similarly, finding your own private paradise on commonfloor is extremely easy. All that is expected of you is to have a clear idea of the kind of house you want (with amenities or without, built-up area, etc) and the locality you want it in. Based on these parameters, build your search and find the property of your dreams. Have a tablet, a smartphone, or a PC with an internet connection and your work is half done!
2.     Time is Money, Money is Time!
Usually, people who look for homes in cities these days are working professionals, who can’t take time out of their busy life to make site visits over a dozen times a week. Physically checking out each property without knowing whether if it suits their requirements can be a colossal waste of time. But on the other hand, looking for a home on commonfloor saves you a lot of time. Taking a break during office hours? Use the commonfloor website or app to find the project you like. It really is that simple and saves you money and effort that you’d spend on visiting project sites.
3.     Options Galore At Your Disposal
Just a glance at the commonfloor website would tell you that the site has listings of over 5 lakh properties from thousands of renowned sellers. Where else could you find so many options that are so easily accessible to you. The listings range from different price ranges like affordable apartments to ultra luxury living spaces, all just a click away. You can also find a variety of properties in india like 1RK houses to 1 BHK, 2 BHK and even big villas with up to 7-8 rooms and more all within a few minutes.
4.     Trusted Listings
Having truckloads of listings just isn’t enough, is it? They need to be reliable too. Commonfloor understands that and only lists projects from trustworthy builders and developers who have a history of maintaining good credentials by providing the best of services.
5.     Bye! Bye! Useless Agents
Remember the days when you had to find Indian real estate agents to assist you with a property purchase (which you still might be doing). More often than not, these agents would work for their own benefit rather than yours. They usually seem to be more focused on serving their interests by getting their part of the commission. While doing so, they’d usually link you up with a rather unreliable developer who has a history of wrongdoings throughout their careers. Besides, these agents are rarely helpful when you need to get a few of your queries answered. Commonfloor works on the contrary by directly linking you with the builders’ website and provide you contacts which you can use to readily work on buying that home you’ve always wanted.
To say the least, finding your dream home at commonfloor will save your time, money, energy and more while providing you with the best options available in the market. So shed your inhibitions and get on the commonfloor train to a better tomorrow.


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