As WhatsApp is a useful app, there is one drawback associated with it that you are capable of using it only on your mobile device. In any case, if you do not carry your mobile phone, you are caught without this app. In fact, there are so many reasons why users prefer to use this app on computers that have Windows XP, Vista, 8 or 8.1 installed. Checking the mobile devices seems as a distraction that you could want to get rid of, while working. You feel inconvenient to move to another device only to send a lot of instant messages. In any case, if you have misplaced your device, then you could wish to look for an instant method to message people and allow them know.

A guide to proceed with
Irrespective of the reason why you want to run it on computers, the main thing to know is that you have an option to run it on your PC in an easy and quick manner. With this guide, you can run easily any kind of app based on android OS on any device. All you need to do is to replace the APK file in step no 5, with the Android’s app APK, you are interested to run.
Important steps to follow
So, get started with how to use the WhatsApp on your computers or laptops in an easy and quick way with simple instructions. Steps you must follow are mentioned below:
·        Firstly, you need to have an Android emulator app to complete this task. You will also need to have a mobile device for verifying the WhatsApp account.
·        Next, download the Android emulator app such as Bluestack App player on the PC.
·        The next step to take is to run the setup file for installing it. The app will ask for the access to the App store and also to the App notifications. While installing, you can uncheck both.
·        Give some time to complete the installation. The app will run in full screen mode, when it will move towards ending stages. Click on the diagonal line icon available on the top right so that it can run in a windowed mode. Leave the app running and open the browser.
·        Download the APK file of WhatsApp and double click on it to save the file in PC. It will automatically install in the Android emulator App.
·         There are so many apps being displayed you have already installed. Find and start WhatsApp.
·        Enter the phone number and select the Verify option.
·        Once you are done with the verification process, you need to enter it in the WhatsApp on the PC.
·        Moving towards the next, you can add contacts individually as you do with your mobile devices. Still, you are capable of receiving the messages; it does not affect your conversations.
In this manner, you are capable of using the WhatsApp messenger on your computers by following the above mentioned steps carefully. But keep in mind that one mobile number can be linked to only one device at a time.
Author Bio:- This article is written by Ashish Kamble who is owner of where you can find  funny videos for whatsapp


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