The server room is more important than the CEO’s cabin for any company. It contains expensive equipment and critical data, which is an asset of the company. Any issues related to the server equipment or the room itself may cause huge distress to the company. Server rooms are important to protect from potential hazards, especially fire-related ones.

The possibility of an electrical fire has to be considered seriously. Server rooms often have a lot of equipment that runs on electricity, which means there is a greater risk of an electrical fire. To protect against this, ensure that all electrical equipment is properly grounded and that circuit breakers are in place.

But do these precautions help you stay completely safe from fire? Well no! It’s imperative to take care of your server room to its capacity and still have additional equipment to fight the hazards. Nothing can match the power of the fire extinguishers for server rooms. Without Fire extinguishers, you cannot fight fire hazards effectively.

But what to consider before buying the best fire extinguisher for server rooms?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fire Extinguisher for Server Rooms

#1 - Class of Fire

An imperative thing to consider before purchasing a fire extinguisher for server rooms is the class of fire. The fire class will determine the type of extinguisher you need to purchase. There are four different fire classes, each requiring a different type of extinguisher. The four classes of fire are Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D. You should choose the one that can fight electrical fires with ease to avoid electrocution and other issues.


#2 - Mounting / Accessibility

When purchasing a fire extinguisher for server rooms, you also need to consider where you will mount the extinguisher. There are two different types of mounting, wall-mounted and portable. Wall-mounted extinguishers are more permanent and cannot be easily moved, while portable extinguishers can be moved from one location to another. It’s not important, but you should consider it for taking quick action.

#3 - Capacity

The capacity of the fire extinguisher is also an important consideration. The capacity is the amount of extinguishing agent contained in the extinguisher. It depends on the type of fire extinguisher you choose. The higher the capacity, the more extinguishing agent is available to extinguish the fire. You should choose the one with a higher capacity to fight huge fires.

#4 - Price

Of course, the price of the fire extinguisher is also an important consideration. You want to make sure you purchase an extinguisher within your budget. However, you also want to make sure that you purchase an extinguisher that is of good quality and will last for many years. The price can be considered in this case, but choosing a cheap fire extinguisher is not acceptable.

Final Words

Fire extinguishers are very important for business premises. With the right type of fire extinguisher, you can save the most important part of your office, i.e., the Server room, from fire hazards. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information on things to consider before buying fire extinguishers for the server room in your office.




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